Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child, to Release Book ‘Checking In’ About Her Journey with Mental Health & Wellness…

Hello World,

According to PublishersMarketplace.com, Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child, will be releasing a book entitled Checking In (Nelson Books), which will be an account of her journey with mental health and wellness. The topics to be addressed in this book have been a long time coming, and I hope this announcement means that Michelle has received some healing in these areas (otherwise why write the book, right?). I believe the last post I wrote about Michelle was 3 Reasons Why I’m Glad Michelle Williams & Pastor Chad Johnson Are Reportedly ‘Working on Things!” I was really disappointed when Michelle and Pastor Chad broke off their engagement, and from watching their short-lived OWN reality series Chad Loves Michelle, I believe the reason had to do with Michelle’s mental health and wellness. Reportedly, her book will debut in May 2021. I will be getting a copy. (And let’s hope the book is dedicated to her once again fiancé Pastor Chad, but no reality show this time, ‘K thanks 🙂 ) What about you?

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