Hashtags, Confederate flags and Lions, Oh My…

fatigueHello World,

I’m a hashtag away from jumping, head first, from a bridge…Okay, I’m so I’m being a wee bit dramatic…But I am a hashtag away from falling sideways from my desk chair onto the carpet below so that I won’t be able to see any new hashtags sure to pop up on my social media accounts on my laptop computer…

I’m still stuck on #PrayforCharleston and since then, the hashtag activism world has moved on to #sandrabland, #sayhername and as of this week #samdubose. Let me be clear, in my President Obama voice (Chile, what’s going to happen to us when he’s longer in the White House), this post is NOT about trivializing any of these horrific incidents, diminishing the unfathomable grief these families must be experiencing right now nor downplaying the inspiring activism that has been organized to address these and similar incidents…This post is simply about my #fatigue and skepticism about various commentaries relating to these and similar incidents…

And I feel like an Internet traitor for feeling this way…Whenever a new horrific incident has transpired, we cannot wait not one beat before countless eloquently written diatribes are disseminated with the quickness…Just some knee-click responses if you ask me…It happens so predictably that I have to wonder if this #internetoutrage is really true…And I have to wonder if I saw these people in real time, would they be ranting and raving like the way they do on the Internet…Sometimes, things that transpire are so terrible, so egregious, so tragic, there are no words that should be said and or written (outside of the basic news) for a while…

From what I’ve gathered from reading various blog posts, Facebook posts and tweets, it seems the popular sentiment is that black people should be walking around or rather driving around in fear of being stopped by the police or having any contact with the police altogether…It’s like an NWA song come to life…Truth be told, I tend to not care for the police, but my feelings about the police go back a long time way way way before hashtag were created, when a hashtag was just a number sign even…Why, you ask? Well, #1, I don’t care for anyone telling me what to do (a character flaw), and #2, sometimes, I get the feeling that police officers and criminals are opposing sides of the same coin…However, that being aside, I refuse to live in fear of the police….My God, yes there are some racist, vile police officers out there, but I’ve also known some decent ones…

And maybe I’m not down with every aspect of the #movement because of my overall aversion to pain and discomfort and my ability to see good in almost anything…I wonder what I would been like if I had come of age during the Civil Rights Movement…I just can see myself marching with Dr. King and nem and after a while saying, “You know what? My feet hurt, and I’m ready to go back home to my mama’s house. I got rights there.” Or if I lived during slavery, when Harriet Tubman was trying to get folk to get on the Underground Railroad with her, would I have been the one who asked, “Do they have any snacks on the Underground Railroad cause Massa got snacks at the Big House?”

I jest…But seriously I do have #fatigue…


Now on to this whole Confederate flag debate…I feel like this a classic case of “Come get yo crazy cousin.” Erebody has a trifling cousin that just won’t do right…That cousin that asks you for a loan but hasn’t paid you back from the 50-leven he or she has already asked you for money…That cousin who is always bragging about all of the moves they making when the last move he or she made is the move back to your auntie’s (mother of said cousin) house…That cousin who is hopelessly, undeniably, matter-of-factly stuck on stupid…I feel like rational people of all races realize the Confederate flag is about hate not heritage, but some white people refuse to see what everybody knows…I don’t care how you whitewash it… So to rational white people, I say, “Come get yo crazy cousin” because they are not listening to us (black people)…

Speaking of us…Case in point…Seen at a Confederate flag rally in Stone Mountain Park yesterday…An alleged KKK member wearing FUBU tennis shoes…The FUBU acronym means For Us By Us and is the creation of Daymond John, the black millionaire on “The Shark.” If that ain’t a case of “Come get yo crazy cousin,” I don’t know what is…


And if the flag is about heritage not hatred, what’s up with putting Confederate flags outside of Ebenezer Baptist Church, yes that Ebenezer, the Ebenezer Baptist Church of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and at the ? Allegedly, the culprits were two white males.…How are black people supposed to take that? “Come, get yo crazy cousin.”


Now on to this Cecil the Lion…As someone who loves the Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz” and Simba in “The Lion King,” I get the international outrage about dentist Dr. Walter Palmer hunting down and killing Cecil the lion…I guess it seems so inhumane because Cecil was big as a human being, and I just think there is something wrong with killing other human beings…I don’t see people being upset if the Palmer would have stomped a million cockroaches to death or used his hands to smash a million mosquitoes although cockroaches and mosquitoes are also living creatures…#alllivesmatter

That being said, the #blacklivesmatter activists and the animal rights activists need to join forces because the animal rights activists are bout it bout it….they don’t play…they gets thangs done, you hear me?!

Actress Mia Farrow got gangsta with it and tweeted the Palmer’s address! He has had to close his business for fear of folk avenging the death of Cecil the lion! And now senators have created a bill dedicated to the the lion according to The Huffington Post…

The Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies Act would extend current U.S. import and export restrictions on animal trophies to include species that have been proposed for listing as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Read the rest of the store here.

Here is one thing that black people can do to gain the sympathy of animal rights activists…lions

LOL…I jest…truly, I jest…but there may be a kernel of truth here…

Alright, I’m done…

Any thoughts?





DeVon Franklin & More to Merge Faith & Entertainment at Merge Symposium in Baltimore Tomorrow

devonHello World,

If you’re a person of faith AND ever wanted to delve into the entertainment industry AND will happen to be in the Baltimore, Maryland area this weekend, then I’ve got the juice for you.

Birthed from the Merge Summit, which is held every other August in Los Angeles and “features interactive panel discussions, workshops, and keynote presentations in music, television, film, branding, new media, artistry and more,” the Merge Symposium brings the Merge experience to other locales.

Held at the Pastor Jamal Bryant’s Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore on Saturday, the Merge Symposium includes confirmed master class presenters: The legendary SUZANNE DE PASSE, Film Producer and Author DEVON FRANKLINMIKKI TAYLOR from Essence Magazine, Grammy Award-Winning Artist MICHELLE WILLIAMS, TV Film Producer/Manager DR. HOLLY CARTER, Emmy Award-Winning Casting Director ROBI REED, Award-Winning Television Executive TRACI BLACKWELL From the CW Network, Pastor MARK BAKER, Pastor DR. JAMAL BRYANT, Actress LISA RAYE MCCOY, Media Personality ROLAND MARTIN and HARRY LENNIX From “NBC’S The Blacklist.”   Plus performances by JONATHAN MCREYNOLDS, DEON KIPPING, Y”ANNA, THOMAS CLAY & EVOLUTION and DANNI! 


DeVon Franklin’s “Produced By Faith” master class sounds like it will be particularly interesting. The description is below:

Do you have enough faith to step out into your destiny? Great risk precedes great rewards and author/producer DeVon Franklin knows this firsthand. This past fall, he left his prestigious Senior Vice President position at Columbia Pictures to become a producer and launch his own entertainment company. Even with his recent successes, including the mega hit HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, nothing is guaranteed. Acting on purpose and emboldened by faith, DeVon is making the jump with excitement. Don’t miss this explosive, closing Master Class where he will share some of his secrets, industry insight, career strategies, faith tips and the encouragement you need so you can make the leap of faith for your own life and land on your feet! 

Incidentally, Franklin is currently in Atlanta filming “Miracles From Heaven,” starring Jennifer Garner. Franklin is producing the Christian film, which is slated for March 18, 2016, along with Bishop T.D. Jakes and Joe Roth.

To see the full schedule, click on this link, and to register, go to this link. Registration prices range from $10 to $100!

From the website, it looks like the Merge Symposium is coming to Atlanta and Chicago, but the dates have not been announced yet.

Any thoughts?

Atlanta Falcons Surprise Emanuel AME Church Members During Atlanta Visit


Source: www.atlantafalcons.com

Source: www.atlantafalcons.com

Hello World,

During a visit to Atlanta in which members of  Emanuel AME Church visited local landmarks, Atlanta Falcons football team players Julio Jones, Phillip Adams, Cliff Matthews, Jonathon Mincy and Ricardo Allen visited them! While the members ate lunch at Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta on Monday, the players, who hid behind a curtain, surprised them according to AtlantaFalcons.com!

“Having the Falcons team come over and surprise us the way they did — we couldn’t have asked for anything more,” said Sharon Coakley of Emanuel AME Church to AtlantaFalcons.com “This has all been very fantastic. The kids loved it; they love taking the pictures and the autographs.”

To read the entire article, go to AtlantaFalcons.com.

Any thoughts?