My Complicated Reaction to Brandt Jean, brother of murdered Botham Jean, hugging convicted killer Amber Guyger…

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First of all, I must say outside of launching my debut novel “Destination Wedding” and writing OWN “Greenleaf” recaps, I don’t have much else bandwidth to write on complicated issues on this blog. (After December, God willing, I will be posting as normal.) However, I’m sure you saw Brandt Jean hug Amber Guyger, the convicted murderer of his brother Botham Shem Jean, as gesture of forgiveness last week in that Texas courtroom. It was breathtaking. If you haven’t, see it below…Following this video is my Facebook reaction to it…


I think the discussion (click on the post to see the full discussion) that happened as a result of my post encompasses all of the variables that influences my complicated reaction…What say you?

Also, here is my original post about Botham Shem Jean in September 2018…


White Greenville Oaks Church of Christ Lead Minister Collin Packer Shares Support of Black Slain Worship Leader Botham Shem Jean…

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Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 5: Unwanted…

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So y’all, this episode has been the BEST episode of Season 4 and let me explain why in this Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 5: Unwanted…

Everything She Wants…

This explosive and yet internally rich episode begins with the baby of the family Charity explaining to her baby Nathan why he will be seeing less of his mama. I will be preaching soon, she says to her son who has nothing to say (because he can’t talk yet!LOL) about her nonsensical statement. This poor chile (not Nathan her son) thinks that everything she wants she will get…Grace busts into Charity’s suite and breaks up the mother and son bonding time. She confronts her sister about leaving that reckless message on the voicemail of Noah and Isabel. “She kicked him out and now he’s moving in with his folks. You broke up a marriage.”

As Grace interrogates Charity, she tries to act her like phone call was innocent but when she is by herself, she knows that she has invited God’s judgment on her. She watches a television preacher preach, “Judge not that you not be judged…When you go messing with other people, you’re playing with fire.” We all know that what you sow, you shall reap. Charity has sown duplicity to serve her own goals so she shouldn’t be surprised when she reaps duplicity to serve someone else’s goals. (Phil DeMars, anyone?)

The newly named associate pastor Jacob starts off this episode with a noble cause unlike his baby sister. The first time we see him, he is sitting on his bed, praying that God will use him to serve the homeless in the city of Memphis. “Use me mightily on their behalf,” Jacob says. In other words, he wants what God wants and Charity wants what she wants without seeking God’s will.

Grace, Jacob and Charity’s mother’s, Lady Mae, who readily goes after what she wants and seeks what God wants (at least some of the time anyway), is searching through Bob Whitmore’s book. She tells Kerissa, “I’m looking through his book for clues about why he set up camp here.” After she explains what she is doing, she still feels Kerissa staring at her. She asks her what does she want. “I can feel a need stalking me from a mile away.” Kerissa asks if she and Jacob can take their furniture in their suit to furnish their new home. But Lady Mae denies her request, reminding her that the first time they left for the “flimsy parsonage,” they took furniture then. And then when they were run out of the parsonage, they left the furniture there for that “Nigerian to sell on Ebay.” She tells her daughter-in-law that this time the couple has to buy their own furniture. I’m with Lady Mae. This is not a newly married couple who needs a head start. It’s not Lady Mae’s fault that Basie, Tasha and Rochelle tricked them like they were toddlers playing Peekaboo. Jacob and Kerissa need to grow up, at least financially anyway…(And had they kept their land and sacrificed short-term gain for long-term wealth, they would be able to achieve this…)

Bishop is occupied as well. Bishop and his former assistant Karine are uploading all of his sermons onto a hard drive. Apparently, he’s doing research for a speaking engagement in Atlanta. “I can’t tell you how much I miss preaching.” As you may remember, Lady Mae doesn’t think Bishop should venture away from Calvary, even for one Sunday. “Nero did stay in town while Rome was burning,” she says.

Although Charity is pretty much a spoiled brat, after she’s had some time to think, she realizes her action was flat out wrong. What she wants isn’t worth what it costs. She unburdens herself by telling Carlton the choir director what happened with Noah and Isabel.  Carlton tells Charity, “Hell is for those folks who don’t want to turn to God.” Although Charity wants to do right, a part of her still wants to wrong. “I haven’t fully turned away from the sin that got me into this mess.”

Any Way You Want It…

Also at Calvary, Phil DeMars, with his shady self, walks up on Grace and tells her to take Jacob’s proposal for a homeless outreach program off of the board agenda. But Grace continues to let Phil know that he’s not the boss of her. After she gets him straight, she walks into her office where she finds her son! “Did anyone see you come in here?” she asks A.J. He assures her that his arrival was under the radar. While in her office, he takes the opportunity to gaze at photographs of his extended family including Bishop and Lady Mae. “They look like good people.” Grace gets a bit nervous, probably thinking about the fact that A.J. is closer than ever to meeting them. But A.J. reassures her. “I’m not here to blow up your spot.”

He then pivots to the reason for his risky visit. “Are you going to give me money or not, and it’s not like you don’t have it.” See…So I know this kid wasn’t exactly raised, but he needs some on-the-spot home training. What you are not gonna do is talk to me like we are on the same level. Although she abandoned him, she was the one who brought him into this world. At least, he can speak to her in a respectful tone. And then when Grace asks him about how his job search is going and offers to get him a job, he says, “I’m not a d**** charity case.” Grace wants to have a relationship with her son finally, but I’m sure this is not the way she wants it to be.

But before A.J. can continue hitting up his mother like she’s his personal ATM machine, Phil busts in on the meeting. He senses he has interrupted something important but asks about the whereabouts of Karine. Grace tells him that she is with Bishop. “Oh, she’s taking a sick day,” Phil says after noting that Bishop doesn’t work for Calvary anymore. But Grace tells him Karine is on the clock and her meeting with Bishop is really helping Grace. When it comes to Phil, Grace is determined to have it any way she wants it.  After Phil leaves, A.J. gets up to walk out the way he comes in, but Grace directs him to a different door. She explains this it is the door that is used in case of a fire. A.J. says, “I guess I’m fire.”

Speaking of fire, Nicki, the girlfriend of Memphis Red Devils’ b-ball star Dante Saunders, calls up Zora to invite her to a “super lit” soire (party) at Dante’s house. Y’all know Zora is ’bout that life.

Following Grace’s meeting with A.J., she meets with her attorney and half-brother Aaron. He explains that with the help of Grace’s inheritance from their father, Bishop’s IRS bill has been paid in full. “The worst is behind you,” he says. Not so counselor, from where I’m sitting. Grace must agree with me because she asks her brother if he could employ a young man at the church. She explains that “he’s got a record” and “needs a routine.” Aaron agrees to do so and asks Grace to send the young man to his office later that day.

While Grace is still keeping her secret a secret, Charity realizes she is not willing to get to Grace’s secret on behalf of Phil DeMars. “Phil, I can’t do this anymore.” She explains that her phone call to Noah’s house led to his wife’s decision to kick him out of their home. “I wan’t to be AP,” she says,”but I don’t want to mess up people’s lives to get there.” Phil DeMars tries to convince her to continue spying for him. “Uncovering evil is not evil,” he says. But Charity says, “If a thing doesn’t want to be seen, I’m not going to lift up a rock. I’m not like you.” (That almost sounds like a Lady Mae line, right?)  Thank God Charity is coming to her senses!

I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party…

Lady Mae and Bishop always find a way spoil the party and have discord. “Give them the furniture,” Bishop says to his ex-wife. “Bless them as they leave.” Lady Mae says that she wants her son in her house, but she does have a way to make a deal. “Don’t go to Atlanta.” “Quid pro quo,” Bishop states. (Where have a heard that term lately?) “I’ve already told Desiree yes,” he says. She responds with, “I’ve already told Kerissa no.” Lady Mae says, “The fire of loyalty to the Greenleaf name is dying and it needs tending.”

Grace’s fire a.k.a. A.J. shows up at his Uncle Aaron’s office. Once the two introduce their selves to one another, as much as they can anyway with Aaron not knowing that he is meeting his nephew, A.J. lauds the virtues of his half-sister. He calls her the “real deal,” recounts how she has been known to give the shoes off of her feet to strangers and explains how she feels life more deeply than others. He finishes his praise with, “She’s special.” A.J. doesn’t know what to say so he asks about the location of the bathroom. As they say, when you have nothing good to say, say nothing. Aaron was having a praise Grace party and A.J. didn’t want to spoil it.

Phil DeMars doesn’t want to spoil his personal connection to the Greenleaf estate. So he approaches Charity again. She promptly tells, “Get behind me Satan.” LOL

But Phil is persistent, telling her that she really doesn’t know the real him. He invites her to dinner for her to get to know him better. Oh Charity. If a man is asking you to turn on your own family, then no amount of getting to know him is gonna make him a good dude.

Back at the Greenleaf estate, Bishop and Lady Mae are still at it. She tells him that Bob Whitmore invited her to speak at the National Women’s Gathering for the Harmony & Hope churches to be held in D.C. But she politely declined the invitation in order to maintain her “presence” at Calvary. She hopes that Bishop will realize that he needs to follow suit. But Bishop is an Alpha male to her Alpha female. “Do you know what it feels like to be ignored and unwanted?” he says. “You’ve never been unwanted ever. All I want is one more Sunday.” Not being in the pulpit is starting to get to Bishop. Lady Mae reveals that when Bishop was following behind Lady Mae’s sister Mavis and Rochelle Cross, that made her feel ignored and unwanted. “I want to be respected and heard,” she says. “I think you mean obeyed,” says Bishop. “I haven’t once mentioned Lionel and how that made me feel.” Lady Mae spits out, “If it’s that important to you, go to Atlanta.”

Phil DeMars wants Charity to feel like he wants her. At dinner, he explains that he ghostwrites all of Bob Whitmore’s sermons and books. “I”m Bob Whitmore.” He also says how he would like to be the pastor of Calvary as it is the only black in the Harmony & Hope churches. (There’s your clue, Lady Mae.) She starts to feel like they have something in common as he has been forced to be in the background although their gifts have made the church shine, much like Charity I will admit…

Although Jacob isn’t exactly wanted at Calvary, he does work there. He presents his proposal to help the homeless in front of the board. His presentation actually goes over well, but an emergency call from Zora causes him to rush out of the meeting like his pants are on fire. Zora warns him that Dante, whom Jacob is supposed to be supervising, is having a wild party at his house and it’s getting out of control. Dante is threatening to burn the confederate flag and when a white team member bucks on Dante, a blaze of a fight is ignited. Jacob tries to stop the fight even as partygoers document the mess on their cell phones.

I Want To Be Loved…

When Grace hears that A.J. blew off the interview with Aaron by excusing himself to go to the bathroom and never coming back, she confronts him about it. A.J. explains how Aaron’s praise of Grace made him uncomfortable given how he was treated by Grace. “He thinks you’re so good.” A.J. explains that because she thinks she is good, she cannot be trusted. Given the fact that he was shuttled from foster home to foster home and obviously endured abusive conditions all because his mother chose not to raise him, he knows that Grace is not what she and others think she is. “It’s the ones who think they’re good that you have to worry about.” Finally, he says, “Grace we’re done.” And then he takes it a step further. “And the next person who asks me who I am, I’m telling them.”

Back at the Greenleaf estate, now that Bishop’s sermons have been stored on a hard drive, he watches one of his old sermons in which he is reminded of a message that he preached. The message that he preached actually spoke back to him. “God is longing to sit with you and talk it all out…When you’re life is too hard, we’ve got to have a talk with God.”

Two people that are having a tough time talking in this episode are Lady Mae and Kerissa. Before she can plead her case again, Lady Mae criticizes her daughter-in-law for enlisting Bishop in her request to take the furniture with the family when they leave. And since Kerissa is leaving, she decides to let Lady Mae have it in her own bedroom no less. She tells her that “no one has ever hurt me the way you hurt me.” She explains that the reason that she sought the approval of Lady Mae was that her own mother was always in a competition with her. (But Kerissa always seems like she is competing against all of the Greenleaf women, right? Name one woman that she truly gets along with…I am glad that we’re getting some backstory on Kerissa though…) She blames Lady Mae for everything and calls Lady Mae an “old rusted jalopy with a corpse in the trunk.” Wow! If this is her way of getting the love she wants, this is not the way to do it. Obviously Lady Mae agrees with me because she slaps her daughter in a way that reminds me of those old-time night soap operas like “Dynasty.” Those slaps reverberated like gun shots fired!

Bishop walks in on them and for some reason believes the two have made peace?! But Lady Mae does say, “We’ve come to an understanding.” After Kerissa leaves, he tells her that he is not going to Atlanta after all. “God is trying to get me to slow down and see myself, see Him.” I guess this is what God told him once he decided to speak with God about his dilemmas – missing preaching and regaining control of Calvary the right way. You can’t escape your pain. You have to face it, Bishop…

Kerissa is gonna need to talk with Jesus now. Jacob comes home and tells her what happened with Dante. As a result, he has lost his job with the Memphis Red Devils. “You’re going to have to wait on that house.” Bwaaaahaaa…As crazy as that moment is, it’s not THE moment of the episode. That happens next.

The next morning, Grace walks in on her mother, who is studying Hebrews in the kitchen in preparation for her Bible study with Zora. She tells Grace that the book “mystifies her.” Grace explains that she is little mystified herself and needs her help with something. Lady Mae says, “What is it?” Grace replies, “My son.”

And scene…A mic drop moment for reals…What we gon do? What we gon do? When Lady Mae gets involved, the drama will be on 10…And from the preview, I can tell that even a newfound grandson is not gonna stop Lady Mae from reaching her destiny…You reach for Lady Mae, you will be left looking at a nub…convict or not…A.J. thinks he wants to be loved but not like this…

So the reason I LOVED this episode and think it’s the best one so far this season is that we finally got to see into Kerissa after three seasons of not knowing anything about her background, we got to see a good old-fashioned soap opera slap between two divas and we got to see Lady Mae realize that Grace is her daughter in more ways than one…What say you?

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Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 4: A Common Enemy…

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Most of all, I’m just done with Kerissa…I was kinda done last season, but now I do believe that Jacob’s ball and chain should be thrown overboard…But more on that later in this “Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 4: A Common Enemy…” Read on…

Behind Enemy Lines…

Bob Whitmore has returned to Calvary’s campus to be the devious master of the plantation once again. He meets with Grace to tell her about a small white church in the Memphis area that is struggling. He explains he would like the church to be merged with Calvary. “Why don’t you sit down with Cal and see if there’s a fit?” Grace is not particularly excited about the possibility but attempts to keep an open mind about the potential merger, at least in front of Bob.

After the meeting, Bob’s overseer, the ever eager Phil DeMars, approaches Bob. “How did it go with Grace? Do you want me to be in on the meeting?” Bob assures Phil that all is well except for the sermon that he wrote for Bob for July 4th. “It doesn’t sound like me yet,” he tells Phil. Phil says he will rewrite it once again. “Attaboy,” Bob says to Phil.

While A.J. is not Grace’s enemy, his mere existence threatens to undo Grace’s reputation. Still she has chosen to bring him to Memphis anyway and has enabled him to get an apartment. It almost looks like the same complex where her Uncle Mac lived, right? She helps him unpack his belongings. With a smile, she holds up a welcome mat and asks him how he likes it. He points out that he really doesn’t need a welcome mat since he doesn’t expect any visitors. “Who’s gonna visit me when no one knows I exist?” Good point A.J. While Grace unpacks, A.J. is in the kitchen cooking waffles and chicken livers. Apparently, he learned how to cook while staying with one of his foster families. Not that it matters, does Grace know how to cook? I guess you don’t need to know how when you live with domestic help…

Jacob and his enemy aka Kerissa meet with a gentleman who is interested in buying their land. Despite Bishop’s explicit warning to Jacob that he should not bow down to Kerissa and sell the land, he caved. “This is gonna be good for us,” Kerissa says. The gentleman celebrates with champagne and asks if they do “business on the Sabbath.” “We’ll make an exception,” Kerissa says. The couple notice the ornate gentleman’s cuff links.

Back at the Greenleaf estate, reunited enemies Bishop and Lady Mae discuss an offer that Bishop receives for him to be a guest speaker at a church in Atlanta. Lady Mae says that now is not the time to be spending time at other churches. She explains that the members of Calvary should see that they are singularly devoted to Calvary and that “ours are the hearts that should be the center of the church.” Bishop says Lady Mae is overreacting. “Can’t a man preach? I mean we don’t have sex?” Oooh. Where did that come from? Is he implying that preaching is as good as having sex? I don’t know but aside from his remark about preaching, he is clearly a man who is looking forward to reuniting with his ex-wife in more ways than one. Bishop, you’re not living your to the end of the bargain. He’s supposed to be romancing Lady Mae not roasting her?

And just when Lady Mae is ready to hit him with one of her trademark zingers in response, Grace saves the day by interrupting the conversation. “You just saved me an hour in prayer asking God to forgive me,” Lady Mae says. But before she can celebrate that small victory, Grace tells them the bad news about Bob wanting to merge Calvary and the small white church. Lady Mae tells them the potential merger wouldn’t even be approved of by Deaconness Connie which is huge considering that Deaconness Connie would even welcome a “dragon in a kimono to the membership if it had a checkbook.” I swear Lady Mae is bonkers. LOL.  She further explains why Calvary should remain a black church. The black church is “one of the few places that we can be ourselves.”

Grace takes on the role of the devil’s advocate which is not entirely false since Bob Whitmore doesn’t seem to be on God’s side although he attempts to present himself like he is. She points out that racial reconciliation should be the goal in the church. That’s how my father feels too. He even wrote a book about it, but I digress…(If you feel like looking it up, it is “The Jonah Syndrome White Churches Running from the Inner City” by Dr. Denzil D. Holness)

But on the other hand, Bishop notes that there will never be a multiracial megachurch led by a black pastor. If the small white church is folded into Calvary, Bishop says, “You can bet it won’t be anyone in this room preaching on Sunday.” I saw this same discussion a while ago on Facebook. People were arguing about leadership at various churches. As Bishop said, people noted that black people are willing to go to a church led by white people, but the opposite scenario happens very rarely if at all. (Aside: When I visited the Potter’s House in Dallas earlier this month, there were some people of other races, but I wouldn’t call the church multiracial.)

Whether Calvary is black, white or multiracial, Phil DeMars wants to be the pastor and approaches Charity about living up to her agreement to spy. “Get me something about Grace or neither one of us will preach at this church.” It still boggles my mind that Charity feels that she is equipped to preach.

The Silent Enemy…

Without telling anyone in advance, Sofia comes back from Hampton University, showing up in Grace’s suite without much fanfare. “I came to see my brother,” she says to her mother. Again, she confronts her mother about being a hypocrite and “as bad as everyone else.” She believes that Grace should just tell everyone the truth and now. “I don’t think you’re protecting the family. I think you’re ashamed. Just get it over with.”

In another part of the house, Lady Mae and Kerissa both want to use the house printer. Lady Mae is printing her sermon from “A Day With Lady Mae,” which she apparently will be giving to Bob in a meeting. And Kerissa is printing articles about her school which she hopes to share with Phil DeMars, who may do something to support the school. Anywho, Kerissa shares that an offer is on the table for their property. Lady Mae doesn’t hold back and tells her that Jacob is not heeding his father’s advice. “We’re free to sell what is ours,” Kerissa says, but Lady Mae cannot be outdone when it comes to words. “Eve was free to eat the apple and look where it got us.” She tells Kerissa that she will send Marisol to get more ink for the printer as it is apparently not working very well. “We all know that you don’t like to wait.”

After Sofia sees her mother, she goes to see her cousin Zora. Apparently, Zora is writing a sermon for the Little Saints?! What?! Remember that is Sofia’s old job. But Sofia says she doesn’t have the time to help her cousin as she is meeting her boyfriend Roberto later. But we know what’s up. She makes a beeline to her brother’s apartment. A.J. has got his little sister drinking, and some brown liquor too, which isn’t good. He explains how he’s been on his own since he was 18 as his foster parents kicked him out at that critical age. Sofia tells her brother that she’s sorry for all that he has endured particularly when her mother, their mother, could have prevented that from happening. “Sorry she didn’t behave better but you have me now.” AJ notes how Sofia and Grace are just alike as they are quick to take on a cause.

She tells him that although she is at Hampton University, she is merely a phone call or a plane ride away. She then falls asleep at her brother’s place and then, like a big brother, he puts a blanket on top of her as sleeps. Next, he pours what was in her glass into his and drinks it all. I hope he’s not an alcoholic or proves to be a bad influence on Sophia.

Speaking of awkward meetings, Grace finally meets with Pastor Cal. He tells her he’s not happy with the potential merger either and that Harmony & Hope is like the army. (I guess he feels invaded.) Also, Kerissa meets with Phil DeMars about her articles of excellence regarding her school. She notices that Phil DeMars’ cuff links look like the cuff links of the potential buyer of her and Jacob’s property. She asks her real estate agent Nadine to check into the background of the buyer.

Rather than scheduling an appointment with Karine to pump her for information, Charity attempts to hit her up on the sly. She says, “I think I found someone for Grace.” She asks if Grace is still seeing Darius and what was up with Noah since he was recently in town. Karine says that Grace isn’t seeing Darius anymore and that Noah is married. “Now, leave me alone,” says Karine. Charity is the less-than-silent enemy. Out of desperation, Charity calls Noah and leaves a message on the voicemail that he shares with his wife Isabel. Charity criticizes him for coming by Calvary and not saying hello to her. That was so low…

Zora aine gon be silent either. At her cabin, Noah’s old spot, she calls out her cousin for lying to her. Apparently, she called Roberto about Sofia’s whereabouts but he didn’t even know she was back in town. On top of that, Sofia smells like liquor and Roberto doesn’t drink.

While Bob Whitmore and Lady Mae are also enemies, they at least try to be congenial if they can’t be exactly silent during their meeting at a local restaurant. She brings up Cal Weaver and his Fairview church. She calls the church “small and sickly” and says that if the churches are joined together, it would “quench the spirits of both congregations” or in another term “spiritual sabotage.”

“Boy, you do cut to the chase,” Bob says. “It’s a gift,” Lady Mae says with a smile. (Does Bob Whitmore want both churches to fail?)

She goes on to explain the significance of the black church going all the way back to slavery. “It was a source of strength, hope and inspiration for our people.” She says that folding a white church into a black church could be “problematic.” But Bob counters her statement with saying, “People are mixing as they never have before.” He further states that if Paul was a voice to the Gentiles, Grace could be a voice to “white folks.”

Enemies Closer…

After Lady Mae returns from her meeting with Bob, she sees Sofia. “I didn’t know you were coming home,” she says to her granddaughter. But Sofia explains that she is only in town briefly and is on her way back to the airport. Lady Mae questions her about leaving so soon but is still puzzled after the conversation. “Sorry you don’t understand,” Sofia says. “Mom knows. Ask her.” But Grace is not sharing yet. Sofia has told Grace that she is not returning until the truth, the whole truth, has been revealed. I hate to see Sofia act like her mother is the enemy when they used to be so close.

So Lady Mae fills Grace in on what happened with Bob Whitmore. She tells Grace that she is the one to do something about what is going at Calvary. Grace is going to have to take charge while she can. Regarding the merger, Lady Mae says to Grace,”It is your job to kill it.”

Back at Calvary, during the Sunday morning service, Bob Whitmore’s daughter sings alongside Charity.  “Welcome to the family,” they croon in a sickening singsong voice. The song kind of has a country twang to it. Bob’s daughter, with her flowing hair and her head tilted to the side sings like she thinks she’s one of the Lord’s singing angels. It all looks so fake and homogenized as the audience nearly gags in disgust. And they sing that line that Charity hates. “He comforts with His staff and His rod.”

With fire and brimstone in her voice, Grace preaches on the 12 Tribes of Israel and how they were able to unite against a common enemy of Pharaoh. She proclaims that, “No one out there is pushing God’s people around, God is using you to unite us.” She then commands the church to “Rise up, church” in her best Jesse Jackson “I Am Somebody” delivery!  Bob Whitmore and Phil DeMars attempt to appear pleased with the sermon which riles up the congregation, but afterward, Phil tells Grace that Bob is waiting to meet her in Phil’s office. In case, Grace got it twisted, Bob tells her that that, “This is not your church. You are an employee of Harmony & Hope.”

To Bob’s dismay, Grace’s sermon was so inspirational that Cal is going to attempt to save his church at least one last time. And now, it may take some time for Cal’s church will consider being merged with Calvary again. “Your brother and sister are hanging by a thread, and it’s all because of you.” But Grace knew what she was doing. She took her mother’s advice and obliterated the option of a merger. After three seasons of being enemies, Lady Mae and Grace are actually getting close.

Speaking of Grace’s brother Jacob, he and Kerissa are ready to sign the papers at the closing. Although Kerissa discovers that Harmony & Hope is the organization that is supporting the buyer of their land, she still doesn’t tell Jacob what she discovers nor convinces him to somehow to back out of the deal without telling him why (the second best option). What a selfish decision she made, particularly as she has no idea what Harmony & Hope are up to right now. Doesn’t she realize that one decision can change the trajectory of a generation? She clearly needs to pick her Bible and some prayer wouldn’t hurt either. Like Esau in the Bible, she leads Jacob in selling their spiritual birthright of land that will be there for the temporary comfort of a dream home. When a storm destroys a home, the land on which it was built remains. (Look up the story of Jacob & Esau in the Bible. In this scenario, Jacob got taken instead of Esau. Or, as Lady Mae said, she was like Eve and knowingly led her husband into sin. Either way, they may been paid for their land now but they will pay later.)

Speaking of needing the Bible and prayer, Noah has been kicked out of his home. After Charity’s crazy message, Noah told his wife Isabel about why he returned to Memphis. Since the couple hasn’t been able to children, she cannot stomach the fact that Noah already has a child with his first love. When Grace asks Noah about his next move, he reveals his game plan. “For starters, I’m moving back to Memphis to get to know my son,” he says. Uh oh…

Again, A.J. isn’t Grace’s enemy but like an enemy, the revelation of who he is will wreak havoc on the facade of the life she created in Memphis…Until next week, Saints…

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