Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 7: Reunited…

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Y’all already know that Bishop and Lady Mae officially reunited in tonight’s episode just by the title, but trust me, there is a LOT you don’t know so keep reading this “Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 7: Reunited.”

We Belong Together…

Although a family belongs together, A.J. aine trying to reunite with his mother again. In a panic, she calls her other child, Sofia. “I haven’t heard from A.J.,” Sofia says from her Hampton University dorm room. But when she gets off of the phone with Grace, we see A.J. lounging in her room. “Just go home,” she says to him. “You’re innocent.” “I can’t,” her brother says to her.

At the Greenleaf estate, Charity belongs somewhere else…I’m thinking it’s a sanitarium of some sort because this chick is straight preaching to herself in the mirror and she appears to believe what she is preaching. “satan got you good,” she says to her image. Then she admonishes her son Nathan to not be like his Aunt Gigi. “See that’s that pride.” She is truly jealous of her sister and I don’t entirely get why. Grace’s life is far from perfect either, especially now.

Anywho, Charity has to stop preaching to herself in the mirror because Bishop calls a secret meeting of his children. “I think you like secret meetings,” Jacob says to Charity in an accusatory tone. Speaking of Phil DeMars, Grace arrives to the meeting a little late because Phil held her up. Apparently, he wants to build extra sparking spaces on Calvary’s property because of Calvary’s increased attendance. And although Calvary has experienced growth, he doesn’t acknowledge Grace’s preaching as a reason why the growth occurred, Grace tells her family. Charity attempts to stick up for her secret boo. “Are you talking Phil DeMars’ side in this?” Bishop asks Charity, looking at her like the traitor that he doesn’t even realize she is…

Charity tries to explain Phil is simply her “brother in Christ.” So that makes Jacob mad. “He got me fired,” Jacob says. I mean her actual brother is also her brother in Christ, but I guess that’s beside the point as she cannot suck face her with her actual brother. Charity tells him that the 10 stitches and a trip to the emergency room that someone received courtesy of him in the Memphis Red Devils’ fight is what got him fired. Grace says Jacob was attempting to be peace maker before the fight got out of hand.

But before their bickering gets out of hand, Bishop tells his children why he wants to meet with them. “I want you to work up a song to put her in the marrying mood.” Yes, Bishop and Lady Mae belong together and it’s finally time that the two get back together officially. He’s going to propose to Lady Mae, and seeing her children serenade her should convince her to say, “Yes.” But what’s funny about this secret meeting is that it’s not a secret. Lady Mae happened to overhear Bishop’s plan but she doesn’t tell anyone that she knows what will happen in the near future.

Speaking of Lady Mae, she aine playin’ with Kerissa. While Kerissa is relaxing in her suite, Marisol shows up with a camera to take pictures of the surroundings purportedly for insurance purposes, Marisol tells Kerissa. But y’all already know that she is documenting anything in case Kerissa tries to “hold something” on the way out, and Kerissa knows that too. She wonders what would happen if something happened to Lady Mae…Where would her furniture and more go then?…

But Lady Mae has more real rather than hypothetical matters to attend to at the moment. Karine calls Lady Mae to tell her that Misty has put a critical item on the agenda for the Deacons Board meeting. She wants Lady Mae’s name removed from the scholarship fund that she created! I think Lady Mae’s name belongs with the scholarship fund that she created.

And you know who doesn’t belong together? Phil DeMars and Charity, according to Jacob. He tells his baby sister that he saw her with Phil at Calvary late one night. “I saw you with your tongue down his throat.” He gives her four scenarios about why they are seeing each other – 1) He’s using you. 2) You’re in love with him. 3) He’s forced himself on you. Or  4) You’re spying on him for the family. Charity originally claims 4, but then she admits to 2. Of course, Jacob argues with her about her questionable choice in men, but Charity has made up her mind about Phil. “He’s straight,” she screams at Jacob. But was so was Jabari and that didn’t stop him from playing Jacob’s sister…

“What’s going on here?” Grace asks about the ruckus between her younger siblings. “We were arguing about what song we’re going to sing,” he says choosing for the moment to keep Charity’s confidence. He tells her that Charity wants to sing “Reunited.”(Gotta love that classic by Peaches & Herb! It’s probably the best break-up-and-get-back-together song ever!) “What’s wrong with that?” says Grace.


The x factor that can spoil the plan of Charity and Phil is that now Jacob knows there is some sort of unholy alliance at work. He may not be a woman with an intuition but he knows his sister. When it comes to men, her decisions just don’t make sense. Charity rushes to Phil’s office after her discussion with her brother. “Have you sent the file?” she asks him. Remember that Charity recorded Grace saying her answer to the police about her whereabouts as it pertains to A.J.’s alibi was less than truthful. She tells Phil that he cannot anonymously send the file (presumably to the police) because Jacob would figure out that Charity was the snitch behind it all. “Jacob saw us kissing the other night.”

So I can’t figure this next move out. Phil agrees to hold off on sending the file for at least 24 hours to give Charity some time to decide what she wants to do. “I know I can’t force this on you. Your trust and love are my priority,” he says. “Are you for real?” Charity responds. “For better or worse” is Phil’s answer…So what was that wedding wording reference about? Is this some sort of Jedi mind trick that Phil is pulling to pull the wool over Charity’s eyes. Or does he actually care for her? I think he cares for her, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about his cause and or himself more…

The x-factor in A.J.’s life is his little sister. He tells her she is the only one in their family who actually treated him like he is family. Sofia pleads with A.J. again to just go home. “You’re innocent.” “It doesn’t matter if I’m innocent or guilty. I’m a black man.” (Man…I hate that so many black men have to contend with this issue in 2019.) A.J. then explains that Sofia has had it pretty easy as a pretty, light-skinned young woman. He then stomps out as he’s on the hunt for cigarettes before he officially tells his little sister good-bye.

Also filed under heartfelt discussions, Nicki , the girlfriend of Memphis Red Devils’ b-ball star Dante Saunders, comes over to Zora’s spot to confide in her about Dante. Apparently Dante refused to give some speech which would pave the way for him to return to the team, Nicki tells Zora. As Nicki vents, Zora is looking through her Bible. Wow. I cannot believe it. While Zora will probably never be as squeaky clean Christian as Sofia was, her faith in God is starting to grow. But Nicki is insulted. “If you talk to Jesus, you better hope He pays you better attention than you just paid me.”

Zora’s favorite Auntie Gigi (I’m guessing so…) tries to figure out the x-factor in a discussion with a gentleman whose nearby land was bought by City on a Hill. “That sounds like Christians to me,” she says to the man.  The man agrees but other than that, Gigi is clueless about the connection of City on a Hill and Calvary. She is following Phil’s lead in trying to secure more land for parking spaces, but she is hitting some roadblocks as she finding out the land surrounding Calvary is not available for sale.

As of this moment in the episode, Jacob doesn’t know about City on a Hill and Calvary, but he does know about Charity and Phil. Since he has already confronted Charity, it’s time to get at Phil. “You know about my relationship with Charity, and you’re trying to get your job back,” Phil says. Nope, that would not be correct. Jacob, unlike his sister, is not willing to use his family relationships to gain a position, at least not in an underhanded way. He explains that Charity hasn’t had much luck in the man department. “Kevin, Jabari, the list goes on.” Phil assures Jacob that he’s got the best of intentions. “I told you I won’t hurt her,” he says. “That’s all I wanted to hear,” Jacob says although it’s clear that he is still jonesing to whoop Phil.

While Jacob is worrying about Charity, he needs to be watching his wife. This woman has a discussion with the City on a Hill executive. Jokingly, she discusses what what would happen to the Greenleaf estate if Lady Mae and or Bishop went on to glory. The buyer encourages her to find out the answer to her question. He is such bad news. Then he tells her that he has reserved a room for the two of them at a hotel. But Kerissa tells him that she wants him right now in the office. “Let me let my assistant go,” he quickly says in response.

Right Back Where We Started From…

Sofia looks through A.J.’s backpack and finds medicine bottles. She confronts her brother when he returns to her dorm room. “Why’d you go looking in there?” he says. She tells him that she was going to try to sneak some cash into his backpack since she wasn’t sure that he would take it directly from her. Now, it seems the two are strangers like when they first met. “My mother lied for you,” she tells A.J. “I don’t owe you any explanations,” he says. She pleads with him to turn himself in. “Go ahead and call the cops. I don’t care. See you next lifetime.” He leaves her dorm room and maybe her life for good. I’m convinced he’s sick. What does he mean by “next lifetime?” What y’all think?

Their grandmother Lady Mae finds Misty and confronts her about wanting to have her name removed from the scholarship. (What older grown black woman is named ‘Misty?’) Misty tells Lady Mae that it was Connie’s idea after the Calvary member’s daughter was raped by Lady Mae’s brother Mac.

Thinking about Mac, I have to think about Grace and what brought her back to Memphis. She is always searching out the truth (although she did ignore her truth for years). She goes to City on a Hill to see if she can learn something about the company. To her surprise, she sees her sister-in-law there. And she has a discussion with Fernando, Kerissa’s new lover. He says, “I’m deeply concerned about the future of Calvary and as soon as I’m authorized to share my plans with you, I will do so.” As soon as she leaves, Fernando calls Bob Whitmore.

Grace is not the only one seeking answers. Zora goes to her grandfather for wisdom on how to be friends with people i.e. Nicki who don’t have the same Christian beliefs as she now does. “All you can do is love, listen and wait. There is so much power in waiting,” Bishop says. Amen, but waiting is so incredibly hard…

In the next scene, Grace gets Aaron to find out the identity of the owner of City on a Hill. She is flabbergasted to discover that Harmony & Hope is the owner of the company.

And in probably the best scene of the episode, Lady Mae speaks with Vida the daughter about why she started the scholarship and why she hopes to keep her name associated with it. She explains that she wants the women who receive the scholarship to gain skills that would boost their self esteem. She too suffered from low self esteem she revealed. In tears, she explains that she didn’t know that her brother was using the scholarship to victimize young women and that he also victimized her daughter Faith. But she apologizes for his actions nevertheless. She also reveals that Mac likely learned his behavior from their father who did the same to her. “I didn’t know,” she says as she continues to weep. It’s clear that her conscious mind wouldn’t let her know even if somewhere in her subconscious mind, she did.

Vida recognizes that Lady Mae is a fellow survivor and asks her to come to a Sisters of Tamar meeting held at Calvary. “You should come,” she says. “They don’t want to see me in there.” “It’s not about what they want. It’s about what you need to say.” They cry as they hold one another. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve seen a breakthrough at long last!!!

Back at the Greenleaf estate, the Greenleaf adult children should be practicing their song but they argue. Grace confronts Jacob about selling his land to Harmony & Hope and asks why Kerissa was at the City on a Hill office earlier! “Every piece of land that borders our church is owned by Harmony & Hope.” Of course, he didn’t that H&H was behind the sale, and he doesn’t know why his wife is still conversing with the buyer of their property. Jacob reveals that Charity is seeing Phil! Bishop interrupts them and reminds them they should be practicing.

But in the midst of all, Lady Mae shows up, looking shell-shocked. After a brief word with her family, she retreats to her closet where she sits on the ground, still in a daze. Bishop joins her on the ground of the closet. She says, “I know you had plans for tonight and you were going to ask me something.” “Which one of these untrustworthy scoundrels told you?” Bishop replies. Lady Mae says the evening may be no longer appropriate for the question, but she does have an answer for Bishop. Of course, Bishop wants to know the answer. “I would trade a million years at the feet of God’s heavenly choir.” “Yes,” she says simply. Awwwwwwwwwwwww 🙂 Reunited and it feels so good….

Speaking of not reuniting, Jacob goes to his bedroom where he sees Winkie in the bed with Kerissa. She tells Jacob that he had another bad dream and that’s why he’s there. Jacob volunteers to sleep elsewhere since Winkie will be tossing and turning. But I think it’s actually because he realizes that Kerissa is doing something shady after what Grace told him.

Charity also believes that Phil is up to something shady. “Why didn’t you tell me that Harmony & Hope is buying up land all around the church?” she asks Phil later. She overheard Grace and Jacob discussing that earlier. “Are you Bob’s right hand or not?” Phil says he didn’t know that information either. Hmmm….not sure if I believe him but whatever…

Another revelation takes place in another part of Calvary. Sophia returns to Calvary and shows up in her mother’s office which used to be Bishop’s office. She reveals that A.J. was with her although he’s gone now. She tells her mother why she came in person to tell her. “I wanted to be here for you when you hear what I have to say. I found a bunch of prescription drugs in his backpack, Mom. He’s guilty.”

(And where is Noah? He must be walking to Memphis…) See I told y’all that y’all don’t know everythang….

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Racial Reconciliation Advocate Latasha Morrison Releases Debut Book ‘Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation’

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As my father is a passionate advocate for racial reconciliation and we both live in the civil rights capital of the world – metro Atlanta – I have inherited that passion as well. It was the reason that in 2017 I interviewed Latasha Morrison, founder of Be the Bridge, an organization designed to “encourage racial reconciliation among all ethnicities, to promote racial unity in America, and to equip others to do the same.”

Below is an excerpt of my interview with her for the The LOOKOUT:

What inspired you to create Be the Bridge?

Latasha: We all live pretty homogenous lives. We know that 80 percent of people hang with or have friendships with people they go to church with, and if probably less than two percent of our churches in the U.S. are multiethnic or multicultural, who are we hanging out with? I’ve met people who don’t have any friends outside of their own ethnicity. When I moved from Atlanta to Austin a few years ago, it became a burden for me to see the church so racially segregated. Rather than complain about it, I wanted to look at the problem and see what we can do to change it.

Also there was one specific incident that really affected me. I had just seen the movie 12 Years a Slave and that was a story that most people haven’t heard—the slave narrative. Some white people believe slaves were happy living in the South. I had an incident in my church where I was talking to a lady about segregation and desegregation. She basically said you know what Lincoln did to the South was horrible and some of the slaves were treated like family. That was the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life, and it made me angry. This was someone in church who is a seasoned Christian. It was very hurtful, but I understood she was speaking from a place of innocence in a way. She had no idea what she was saying or the injury she was causing me. She had no idea about the atrocities of slavery.

To read the rest of my interview, click on

Two years later, Latasha is ready is to tell how the Be the Bridge ministry has grown and more in her first book “Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation.” Below is the official description about Latasha and her book.

A leading advocate for racial reconciliation offers a clarion call for Christians to move toward relationship and deeper understanding in the midst of a divisive culture.

With racial tensions as high within the church as outside the church, it is time for Christians to become the leaders in the conversation on racial reconciliation.

This power-packed guide helps readers deepen their understanding of historical factors and present realities, equipping them to participate in the ongoing dialogue and to serve as catalysts for righteousness, justice, healing, transformation, and reconciliation.

“Be the Bridge” will be released on Tuesday, but she is offering some great bonuses if you pre-order! And if you would like to read an excerpt, click

Latasha will be hosting a book release event in Atlanta at Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History on Tuesday! Please see below for all of the details.

And Latasha’s book trailer for “Be the Bridge” is below.

Any thoughts?

Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 6: The Stranger…

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Will Charity ever stop choosing the wrong man? That question and more will be answered in this Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 6: The Stranger…

Stranger Things…

It still strikes me as strange that after three seasons of functioning more as sworn enemies than mother and daughter, Lady Mae and Grace are kind to and understanding of one another this season. This is never more apparent than it is when Grace finally confesses to her mother that she has a son.

This week’s episode picks up after Grace’s confession. “Don’t you have anything to say?” says Grace. “I just told you that I have a grown son.” Had this been last season, Lady Mae would have probably accused Grace of trying to destroy the family and launched into one of her dramatic monologues. But this is a new day. At this point, Lady Mae only asks to see a picture of A.J. She follows up with asking Grace if she has prayed about the matter. She ends with, “So may I meet my new grandson?” Grace says she wants the family to meet him, but she is unsure of where he is as they recently argued. She also tells Lady Mae that her son has a prison record.

Just then, Charity walks into the kitchen and senses the tension. “What happened now?” she says. Lady Mae says, “This has to be kept in the family.” Charity says, “Who else would I tell?” We know that Phil DeMars is going to find out about all of this just as soon as she can leave the kitchen.

In the next scene, Grace calls A.J. again but has to leave a message. “I know you’re upset about the money. I told the family about you. They want to meet you. Tonight if possible.”

Later, Lady Mae and Bishop discuss the strange turn of events. “What has you so so transfixed?” Lady Mae asks Bishop. Bishop reflects on a conversation he had with Gigi 25 years ago. She had left home and called him from somewhere in Chicago. “She called, needing money. I thought she was obstinate, righteous and proud, but she was really pregnant, scared and lonely.”

Lady Mae wants to make things right with Grace and A.J. as well. “We need to graft him into the family and put him where the sun would do him some good.” I like that metaphor. (a plant metaphor for the Greenleafs)

At Calvary, Jacob walks up on Karine looking at a video of that strange fight that Jacob had with all of the Memphis Red Devils. She tells him he is now known as, “Pastor Holyfield.”  But he laughs it off despite the fact that the altercation cost him his job.

Strange Bedfellows…

As predicted, Charity runs to Phil DeMars to blab about Grace’s new son. “Stand up,” she tells him. Once he stands, she says, “You’re going to need to sit down. Grace has a secret son. She gave him up for adoption. She’s supposed to be the good one,” she says with glee. But Phil doesn’t immediately respond the way she had anticipated he would. “It’s not like she had an abortion,” Phil says. “He’s an ex-con and was in jail for five years for burglary,” she offers. “But that’s more about him than her,” says Phil in response. These two, not-so-strange bedfellows I’m afraid. They are just thirsty, I swear! She tells him that she hopes to meet A.J. that night as the family wants him to come over for dinner. Before she leaves to snoop for more dirt, Phil tells her that her hair looks nice. I must admit that it does. It is swept to one side and very curly.

Jacob sees Charity leave Phil’s office and asks, “Are you in trouble with Phil too?” Charity has to come up with a cover quick. “I called Judy Whitmore and told her we weren’t singing that song anymore.” “But I heard Carlton practicing that song with the choir,” Jacob says. Charity keeps it moving to keep from answering more questions.

Speaking of answering more questions, Grace realizes why she was unable to get in touch with A.J. for a while. “Hey, it’s A.J. I’ve been arrested,” he says once she answers the phone. She takes off for the Memphis police station. A.J. pleads with his mother to be his alibi. Apparently, he was arrested for a pharmacy robbery, but he wants Grace to say she was with him at his apartment the previous evening. He remembers that Aaron the attorney said that Grace was very kind, even to a stranger. “Pretend I’m a stranger. I can’t go back to jail.”

You can see that Grace is struggling with his request, but in the end, she decides to stick out her neck for her son for once. The police officer, who makes her sign a sworn statement, also makes sure that she knows that “lying to a police officer is a crime.”

Back at Calvary, Phil and Jacob finally meet regarding Jacob’s fight. “I was breaking up a fight,” Jacob explains. But y’all know Phil aine tryin’ to hear his explanation. Basically, Phil says it’s above him now as Bob saw the fight on television. Jacob wants to fight Phil, but he keeps it together although he is tempted to give him a taste of what Phil saw on television.  “You better leave before I do something I regret.” So Jacob is officially and completely unemployed.

Kerissa has a meeting as well. She meets with the buyer of their land. She confronts him about his connection to Harmony & Hope Ministries. In an effort to extort him for more money, she tells him that she will tell her husband about that connection. Kerissa wants out of the Greenleaf estate and NOW! “This check isn’t even half enough of what we need.” The buyer doesn’t seem all that fazed by her threat, but he does give her more money. He also tells her that she has to keep quiet now. But after the business is over, he makes a move on Kerissa! He tells her that her husband is only giving her “half of what you need. I would make sure that you were always taken care of.” Y’all know that got Kerissa excited, but she keeps her wits about herself for the time being. She tells him she may just take him up on his offer  but only”after the check clears.”

And Kerissa ain’t the only one who contemplates stepping outside of the marriage. In the next scene, Jacob holds his cell phone in his hand as he stares at the top contact: Tasha Skanks…(I think Tasha is a better match for Jacob actually. Yes, I’m saying this again…)

Hey Stranger…

But before Jacob can act on his thought, Kerissa walks into his office. “Hello Handsome, I was just thinking about you,” she says to him. She tells him that she managed to scrape up a few more dollars to put an offer on their dream home. They plan to go out to dinner to celebrate, but Lady Mae calls.

“I think you should come home.” She tells him that Grace has a son and he needs to meet him tonight. But Kerissa aine tryin’ to be second, even to Grace’s secret son, especially since Lady Mae delivered the news. “Can you put me first?” she asks. “Can you man up and be my husband for once.” She reminds him that he has lost several jobs lately and she hasn’t made a big deal of the sad situation. She has a point there. But Jacob has made up his mind. “Are you coming or not?” he says. “Does it look like I’m coming?” Kerissa responds bitterly. Well, Jacob’s rejection was the incentive she need to call the buyer back. “The check cleared,” she says.

At the Greenleaf estate, A.J. finally gets the opportunity to meet his family. “Welcome to the family,” Lady Mae says. (Did y’all catch when she asked to Marisol to put up all of the valuables before he arrived though? LOL) Lady Mae and Bishop agree that he’s a “perfect mix” of Grace and Noah. If you say so…”How would you like to meet your cousin?” Lady Mae asks. She explains that Zora lives in the “hippie bungalow.” (If Kerissa and Jacob ever move, will Zora willingly move with them? Hmmm…I wouldn’t…) She takes him to Zora’s spot and Zora is Zora after her grandmother leaves. “So A.J., you wanna get high?” He says, “I thought you were a Christian.” Zora comes back with, “I’m Christian, not crazy.” Smh…

Unfortunately, an uninvited person shows up at this overdue family reunion. A detective wants to see Grace. He tells her that he doubts what she said about A.J. and his alibi and accuses her of concocting the story with him. Apparently, security footage  at the police station shows Grace having a serious conversation with her son. Grace accuses the police officer of trying to pin something on her son.

But Lady Mae is not unconvinced that her grandson is not guilty of robbing the pharmacy. “Did you do it or not?” she asks A.J. after she tells Zora to make herself scarce.

“Could you please answer the question?” But before he can answer, Charity shows up with a baby blue balloon with the words “It’s a Boy” on it. This chick…

Lady Mae is only momentarily interrupted but gets back to her interrogation. “A.J., would you answer the question?” A.J. still says nothing. That sets Lady Mae off and she goes into one of her signature speeches. She says,”You’ve never met anyone more formidable than me. I’m a formidable adversary and I’m even more formidable as a friend…I’m more useful to you than riches.” Worried that the family’s last remaining connection to Calvary could be tarnished, she advises Grace to get right with God. “As a Christian and as a member of your church, I’m imploring you. You go down to that station and tell them the truth.” A.J., who still hasn’t answered any of Lady Mae’s questions, leaves.

As all of this was unfolding, Kerissa was with that buyer, a white gentleman. She complains to him about Jacob. “I found the house, I found the money. He can’t even tell his mom no for one night.” He takes her rant as an opportunity to comfort her. “What are you doing?” Kerissa says. “You know what I’m doing,” he says just before he kisses her. She collapses into his arms like the morals she claims to have…

Once she gets home, Jacob asks, “Where have you been?” Of course, she lies about her whereabouts. But Jacob doesn’t seem all that concerned at the moment. He was just waiting for her to come home to be with Winkie as he has to return to Calvary for some business.

Grace also leaves the estate to follow her son back to his apartment where she finds him packing. “Don’t you want a family after all this time? If you leave like this, they’re going to think you’re guilty.” Despite Grace trying dissuade him from leaving, A.J. doesn’t want to chance being locked up again. (Why didn’t he answer Lady Mae’s question?) She gives him her car keys. “Take good are of yourself,” she says. “You do the same,” he says before throwing the keys back to her. I didn’t expect that…(Did y’all see when he packed those pills in his bag? He did hit up that pharmacy…But maybe not for money…Maybe he’s sick…He could be on drugs but he wasn’t all that excited when his cousin tried to get him to get high with her..)

Now that Charity has more information on A.J., she rushes back over to Calvary where Phil is still working. She tells him that A.J. is a robbery suspect and that Grace offered herself as an alibi. “She’s lying.” Charity says. And she tells Phil that she has recorded Grace saying she’s lying. That bit of information gets Phil hot and bothered. They begin kissing as if she has told him the most romantic sweet nothings. Why can’t she see that Phil is using her?

Speaking of romance, for the first time since season 2, I think, we see Bishop and Lady Mae in bed together. They are just lounging, but it shows that they are getting closer. He tells her a story about a girl that he was told about before he met the girl. “You’re going to love her,” he was told. He said that stranger was more wonderful than he had ever imagined. “What’s to come is just like that girl. It may be better than you think.” Bishop tells Lady Mae that she was that stranger. He’s trying to get Lady Mae to continue to hope that they will get Calvary back although their situation continues to deteriorate.

Finally, at Calvary, as Jacob goes to his office, he hears a couple laughing together in Phil’s office. He peeks into the glass door and sees his sister Charity all up in Phil’s arms as they passionately kiss…Just a Judas…betraying her family with a kiss…Unless Charity gets some intense therapy, I think her men picker is just broken…Until next week, y’all…

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