A Very Pregnant Ciara Releases Cute Video Dancing to ‘I’m Every Woman!’

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Not to be outdone by Beyoncé’s and Amal Clooney’s pregnant-with-twins announcement, our girl Ciara shows that she can be pregnant AND get her dance on, leaping over sofas and what not in this cute video she released on Twitter yesterday….(We will see what Queen Bey will do at the GRAMMY Awards tonight though!) I’m assuming Ciara is a Whitney Houston fan as released this video on the anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death in 2012…I still cannot’ believe she is gone…Also, Ciara’s handsome hubby Russell Wilson and her adorable son Future make cameo appearances too…Aside: her house is decorated how I want to decorate my new house…a monochromatic color scheme with pops of color, but I digress…Check it out below…

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Watch Kierra Sheard on TV One’s “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin on Monday, Aug. 1!

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Kierra Sheard will chat with television host Roland Martin about her “BRIDGES Tour,” new EP “LED,” a self-titled app, politics and more on Monday, August 1, 2016 – 7A/6C!

Listen Live at: http://newsone.com

Watch Kierra Sheard as she performed “Freedom” by Beyonce live in Detroit at the “BRIDGES Tour,” on July 23.

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The Top 10 Blog Posts and or Articles for Black Christian Women in April 2016

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Well, I missed March’s list, but I’m still doing my monthly post in which I corral interesting blog posts and or articles for black Christian women from last month that intrigued me as a black Christian woman ( but you don’t have be a black Christian woman to to check them out:) ! ) As usual, let me know if you like my list! Enjoy and share!

1.The Church Needs Lemonade by Brandi Miller

Excerpt: Intuition. Denial. Anger. Apathy. Emptiness. Accountability. Reformation. Forgiveness. Resurrection. Hope. Redemption.If one were to put these words together on a Sunday morning, slip them into synthesizer led worship, announce them from the mouth of a plaid clad pastor integrated with anecdotes about his child and wife, or present them in an altar call or prayer, we wouldn’t blink. These words are integral to the Christian narrative. Try to find a bible tract or gospel presentation that doesn’t have at least 50% of them.  Christians love these words…that is until Beyoncé says them. See more at: thesaltcollective.org.

2. Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs Says Black Church Can Help With Depression by Brennan Williams

Excerpt: Tasha Cobbs’ journey to award-winning and chart-topping success as a gospel singer has come with both praise and self-discovery.The 34-year-old has publicly shared her personal testimonial battling depression through the years, and is dedicated to inspiring others dealing with the same issue. After years of masking her sadness and self-neglect, Cobbs says she decided to seek professional help in 2010 prior to the release of her debut independent project, “Smile.” See more at: huffingtonpost.com.

3. Hollywood’s Black Christians Are on The Rise by Ronda Racha Penrice

Excerpt: Black Christians shocked Hollywood last September. War Room, the mainstream, prayer-themed film starring unknown black actors, dethroned the hit N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton, at the box office over Labor Day weekend. But this was no fluke. Black Christian entertainment has been broadening its appeal for years. See more at: urbannewsservice.com.

4. Episcopal Saint is Namesake of New Yale Residential College by Lauren Markoe

Excerpt: A new residential college at Yale University has been named for an Episcopal saint who was the first African-American woman to be ordained an Episcopal priest. Anna Pauline Murray, known as “Pauli,” was also a civil rights activist who helped shape the legal argument for the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling and a women’s rights activist who co-founded the National Organization for Women. She received an advanced law degree from Yale in 1965 and an honorary doctorate in divinity from the university in 1979. See more at: religionnews.com.

Excerpt: With a glowing face and smiling eyes, the Rev. Rhella P. Murdaugh stood in the doorway of Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church last week and talked excitedly about the church’s 150th anniversary celebration, which will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday. To Murdaugh, Mount Zion AME Church is more than just a building, more than just a meeting place: “It’s a beacon of light,” she said. See more at: ocala.com.

6. ‘One Day the War Came’ — Liberian Nobel Prize Winner to Talk Peace in Ottawa by Kirsten Fenn

Excerpt: It’s a tactic Gbowee used to her advantage during Liberia’s civil war in 2002, after waking from a dream one night that inspired her to create a women’s peace initiative.  The idea morphed into the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, a movement of more than 10,000 Muslim and Christian women staging peaceful protests in 20 communities across the country. See more at: ottawacitizen.com.

7. Lest We Forget Museum Keeps Slavery’s Lesson in People’s Memory by Arlene Edmonds

Excerpt: Gwen Ragsdale feels that the African-American church and slavery history is so important that she stepped into the pulpit recently, although she is not an ordained minister. Ragsdale, along with her husband, J. Justin Ragsdale, are founders of the Lest We Forget Museum in Northeast Philadelphia. One can often find her at a local Black church sharing historical accounts. See more at: phillytrib.com.

8. All Female Christian Hip-Hop Cypher Is Fierce by Alex Osborne

Excerpt: Except for maybe Tupac’s Only God Can Judge Me, my exposure to Christian hip-hop is nil (I am assuming Tupac doesn’t really count anyway). That was until today, when Christian Hip-Hop’s YouTube channel posted this incredible cypher featuring an all female cast: Porsha Love, Speez Louise, Ily Rap, Ty Cage and Lady Adamas.The women all hail from Detroit and are serious about spreading the word of God through their raps. See more at: howlandechoes.com.

9. Too Blessed To Be Stressed? How Christianity is Harmful to Those With Mental Illness by Tracey Lloyd

Excerpt: I consider myself a Christian. I believe in God, I read the Bible, I go to church. My faith plays a role in certain aspects of my disease, but this wasn’t always the case. Earlier in my Christian journey, and before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I had experiences that would lead me to believe that Christianity and mental illness could not be reconciled. That information came not from the Bible, but from how some Christians exhibit their faith. See more at: madamenoire.com.

10. The Emotional Verbal Abusive Narcissistic Church Mother

Excerpt: My mother is the oldest girl out of nine children who was raised in a single parent home by my grandmother. When my mother was six years old, her father died in a car accident. One could only imagine the devastation and impact that a child at the age of my mother could’ve experienced due to the sudden death of her father. My grandfather’s death trigger the narcissistic behavior that my mother suffers with today. See more at: preyingnarcissist.blogspot.com.

So I’ve covered pop culture, mental health and faith, an Episcopal saint, a new slavery museum and more…how did you like the list?

Any thoughts?