Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 1: Original Sin…

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The wait for the return of OWN’s “Greenleaf” is OVER!!! So I won’t make you wait to get this Greenleaf Recap Season 4 Episode 1: Original Sin …

O.G. Original Gangster

Like the original gangster that he is, Bob Whitmore is front and center on the stage between his henchman Phil DeMars and Grace as Calvary’s praise and worship (led by a woman who is not Charity) ushers in Sunday morning service. Once the praise and worship is complete, Bob strides up to the podium and says, “Good Morning Calvary.” He delivers his cheery greeting with all of the sincerity of a snake. “Wasn’t that a wonderful performance? So much energy.” He then proceeds to compliment the congregation on all of the “beautiful hats” he sees in the church. First of all, praise and worship is not a performance. It’s praise to and worship of the Lord. And secondly, he sounds like an original neophyte instead of an O.G. making a comment about church hats. A hat in a church is almost as common as a Bible in a church.

Whitmore goes on with his speech over a podium where the Harmony & Hope moniker is now clearly displayed. “Welcome to the family,” he says before introducing Phil, who is the southeast conference leader of the church stealing conglomerate.  He also said that he was so glad that Deaconness Connie Sykes approached him about taking over Calvary as he had been eyeing the church from afar. He recalls that he said, “I’d like to get in on that.”

Looking on from the audience, Bishop tells Lady Mae that what Bob really meant to say is that he would like to “get in on that money.” It’s so disconcerting to see all of the Greenleafs except Grace in the audience rather than on stage as they were before. And even Grace is not getting her respect as Bob whispers to Grace to keep her sermon short after he introduces her as the interim pastor.  Once the service is over, the Greenleafs critique the service as well as the overall feel of the church now that they are simply parishioners rather in the pulpit. Bishop says he feels like a “ghost moving unseen in a house that I built” while Lady Mae says Grace’s sermon was “concise.” But Grace reminds her parents that they must remain cool if they are to reclaim their church.

Lady Mae agrees but then she approaches Bob anyway. She tells Bob that her daughter’s sermon was more like a “minister’s minute.” When Bob says something to the effect that time is money, she points that “money shouldn’t be a metric when measuring things of the spirit.” Bob points out that a shorter service would pave the way for a third service and that congregants want to know what to expect when coming to a Harmony & Hope church service similarly to a McDonald’s. (I guess this episode was shot before the Chick-fil-A/Popeye’s war teehee.) And then Lady Mae delivers one of her zingers. “There are two things that human beings do together that are best done when done slowly and preaching is one of them.” LOL. I will let you guess the other thing…

Grace meets with Phil to discuss hiring Jacob and Charity as associate pastors. But Phil shuts her down by reminding her about what happened at Triumph although Basie Skanks framed Jacob and what happened with Charity being nearly accused of kidnapping her child. She tells him that they don’t have to be officially associate pastors. They can even be called assistants, but Phil says, “It’s never going to happen.”

You’re An Original…

Although Bob is at Bishop’s desk when Bishop charges into his vacated office, it’s clear that there will never be another like Bishop. In his walk and talk and overall presence, he’s got the ingredients of a beloved shepherd. Bob is just fooling himself if he thinks he is going to erase Bishop’s legacy and steal the flock for himself. Bishop tells Bob that he knows what the man is up to and his reputation has preceded him. Apparently, a pastor friend of his, Mike Evans, who was the shepherd over Jericho Faith Fellowship, was pushed out of his own church due to Harmony & Hope Ministries. The organization hired a private investigator to drum up some dirt on him and discovered that Pastor Mike got addicted to painkillers after injuring himself while helping Katrina survivors. Bob and his gang shared that intel with Jericho’s board and Pastor Mike was pushed out. Harmony & Hope brought down the wall around Jericho and took it over as a result.

Bishop says, “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but I’m going to find out.” He then tells Bob that his “magic carpet of a denomination is going to dissolve like smoke” when he’s through with him. Yaaas, Bishop! Tell him! “Your days are numbered,” are Bishop’s final benediction. Bob says he hopes the Lord releases him from the “spirit of resentment.” And then he really sticks it to him by telling Bishop that he met Bishop’s ex-wife. “She’s a spitfire! How did you let her get away?” I guess that was Bob’s way of saying that if he let his beloved wife get away and then it’s no wonder that his church is being stolen from him. That’s alright, Bishop. You made some mistakes, but you can make up for those mistakes. That’s what repentance is all about.

Speaking of mistakes, since it was revealed last season that Lady Mae’s indiscretion resulted in the birth of Grace, Aaron is as much her brother as Jacob is. And so he calls his big sister and for the first time, she refers to him as her “little brother.” Was I the only one who was a little “weirded out” by their conversation? I know they are related, but I still only see Jacob as her only brother.

Original Prankster…

Zora Greenleaf, our favorite juvenile delinquent, has moved along with her parents back to the Greenleaf home on the estate. But her little brother, who is finally growing up a little, is annoying her as he is always passing gas. She tells her parents that she is a “grown-a$$ woman” and she should be allowed to move into Noah’s old cabin for the sake of her sense of smell and overall sanity. This woman-child is beyond bold. I mean the girl caused her parents to go through hell last season and now she wants to rewarded with her own place rent-free?! I think she should be forced to sleep with her stinky brother.

And speaking of things that stink…When Jacob gets a voicemail from a Dora Saunders, Kerissa is paranoid that Dora is really Tasha Skanks. “How come I’ve never met her?” Kerissa asks Jacob. She wonders aloud if Basie, Tasha and Rochelle, three pranksters for real, are still conspiring to further damage Jacob and Kerissa. She says to Jacob, “Don’t call back.”

Meanwhile back at Calvary, the two new pranksters of Season 4, Bob and Phil, discuss their plan to completely conquer Calvary. Bob is concerned that although the Greenleafs seem to be reasonably compliant, they are likely concocting a scheme as they speak. And Bob is right. Back at the estate, at the family dining room table, Grace reveals to her family that her request to get Jacob and Charity put on as associate pastors has resulted in “dookie” in Charity’s words. (I think she’s still dranking…and she’s  not the only one as you will find out later…)

And Kerissa goes on to say that the Greenleafs have been on a “swift slide down” ever since the prodigal daughter Grace returned. She tells her in-laws that they can “side eye me all you want.” And furthermore, she tells that the family that she is not at all happy that she is living under the Greenleaf roof again before she stomps out of the room. Bishop says to Jacob, “You need to handle your business and keep her out of the wine.”

And then top all of that off, Charity screeches that she should be an associate pastor before she also stomps out of the room like the petulant last child that she is. Lady Mae says, “The sins and stupidity that this poor table has seen. I’m surprised it doesn’t just crash to the floor.” You’ve got to love Lady Mae and her language! Once the room has cleared, Lady Mae goes to Grace. She tells her daughter that she did nothing wrong. Wow! I hope Grace burns her mother’s words in her memory because she may never hear those words slip from mother’s lips ever again.

Grace wants to tell Jacob and Charity that she is really their half-sister, but Lady Mae says, “We will tell them once we have won our church back.” I agree. Right now, their efforts need to be laser-focused and if they find out that Grace is their mother’s love child, they family would be splintered, in more ways than one, in their efforts. She then tells her daughter that she should not ask that her brother and sister be hired. She should tell them they will. And she kisses Grace on the cheek!!!

Per usual, Jacob defies his wife’s instruction and calls Dora Saunders back. Apparently, her son plays NBA basketball for the Memphis Red Devils and needs a spiritual adviser and or life coach. The team’s name alone should get Jacob running not walking in the opposite direction, but the man is without a job so the devil’s offer beckons him.

Later on that evening, Bishop, with his sly self, sees Lady Mae slip off her clothes to reveal lingerie. It’s been all last season since those two became one so to speak and Bishop wants to move back into their bedroom. “When do you see me moving back in here?” Lady Mae replies, “When we’re in love.” Bishop is surprised that Lady Mae didn’t just fall back in love with him and asks her if flowers and a ring will do the trick. Lady Mae levels with him. “You are courting a woman who has had everything. You will have to sweep me off my feet…in ways that I can’t even imagine.” Wow. Although the Greenleafs have to win their church back, Bishop has to win Lady Mae back too.

And even later that evening, in the middle of the night actually, Grace gets a call from some inmate…Is this a prank call?

Get Original…

You must know that Lady Mae is an original. When you think you are getting something that you want from her, you realize that she will always get what she wants first and foremost. She allows Zora to live in Noah’s abandoned cabin. (Remember Noah from Season 1? He was Grace’s original love.) But in exchange for her more free living arrangements, she will resume meeting with her grandmother for their early morning Bible study sessions.  Speaking of Noah, he calls Grace and asks her to call him back per her voicemail…Hmmm…

Charity decides to come up with an original plan to regain Calvary. She, by her lonesome, meets with Phil. She tells him she is better than Grace. Phil picks up on Charity’s frustration and asks her to be his “eyes and ears” among the Greenleafs in exchange for a position.

Speaking of a position, Jacob meets with a member of the Memphis Red Devils management team. He is told he is more likely to get the job as a spiritual adviser and or life coach if he is already on staff at a church, especially after what happened at Triumph. Unlike Charity, he still believes that his sister is working on his behalf to secure a position at Calvary. And Grace is. She tells Bob that she is willing to walk away from Calvary if he doesn’t hire her brother and sister. Bob tells her that he has been following her since her days as a television reporter in Arizona. Uh-oh. You know this means that Bob has dirt on her just like he did on Bishop’s friend Pastor Mike. He tells Grace that “putting family first is a mistake” although he does agree to bring on Jacob as an associate pastor.

Now that Grace has secured Jacob’s position at Calvary, his position as the spiritual adviser and or life coach for Dante Saunders of the Memphis Red Devils is set and Zora tells her cousin that she wants to be Daunte’s love coach. Sophia points out that Zora is always falling for the bad boy. Apparently, this dude drove over a Confederate statue or something while drunk.

But Charity is not satisfied that at least her brother was hired as an associate pastor. When she hears the news, she calls Phil and tells him, “I’m in.”

Grace has more to worry about than her spying little sister though. Noah calls her again and finally reaches her. He says, “Why haven’t you called me back? An inmate from Arizona called me and he says he’s our son!” Well, close my Bible and call Grace a sinner. Lady Mae isn’t the only one with a love child. What we thought was an original sin in the Greenleaf family is actually a legacy sin. Like mother, like daughter…Wow…More will be revealed I’m sure.

In the voice of the incomparable Bishop T.D. Jakes, “Get ready, Get ready, Get ready.” In fact, Saints, cash app me your tithe because I’m about to put in work this Season 4 I can already tell…LOL…

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Keith David aka Bishop Greenleaf of OWN’s ‘Greenleaf’ is Inviting You to His Season 4 Premiere Viewing Party in LA!

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Y’all know I love me some Bishop Greenleaf and OWN’s “Greenleaf!” To celebrate the return of OWN’s “Greenleaf” for Season 4 on Tuesday, Sept. 3, Keith David is inviting fans to attend his viewing party in L.A. Read his Facebook post below to find out how you can attend!

If you haven’t read my interview with Keith David’s stand-in Greg Mitchell, you definitely want to read OWN ‘Greenleaf’ Stand-In for Bishop Greenleaf, Greg Mitchell, Reveals How a Single Email Started His Acting Career at Age 50 & More…

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OWN ‘Greenleaf’ Stand-In for Bishop Greenleaf, Greg Mitchell, Reveals How a Single Email Started His Acting Career at Age 50 & More…

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As OWN’s “Greenleaf” is my favorite television show, I was excited when I met Greg Mitchell, by chance, at my nephew’s college orientation earlier this summer. Greg is the stand-in for Keith David, who portrays our beloved Bishop Greenleaf. And after our conversation, he agreed to be interviewed in anticipation of “Greenleaf” returning on Tuesday, Sept. 3! Hallelujah Saints!

I was inspired after reading about how Ava Duvernay, who is the creator of another OWN hit TV show “Queen Sugar,” left her career in publicity to start her career in making films at 32 years old, but Greg did the same thing at 50!!!

So below is Greg’s bio followed by my interview with him.

Gregory M. Mitchell is the President/CEO of GM Legacy Enterprises since 1999. He is the principal of PROforma formerly Mitchell Media & Marketing, founded in 2003. He the lead 2nd Team Actor (stand-in) for Keith David and Lamman Rucker on the successful cable TV series “Greenleaf” (OWN Network). Gregory has also been featured on “MacGyver,” Marvel’s new “Ant-Man 2,” and he has been cast as a lead in two new short films.

1. You are the CEO of GM Legacy Enterprises and the principal of Mitchell Media & Marketing now PROforma Optimum Business Solutions. How did you get into acting? 

It’s very interesting how I got started. Acting was something that was a childhood dream growing up in Detroit. Unfortunately, there weren’t many outlets for me to turn to in terms of getting any kind of training or anything of that nature. We didn’t have a whole lot of theatres or things of nature in my area and as a young man, inexperienced, I had no idea of where to even begin. I never mentioned it to my mom because otherwise she sure would have found something for me but I never mentioned it. I was also heavily into sports and that kind of ended up taking priority. So I kind of left that in the back of my mind and never pursued it.

Interestingly enough, life took its course and I ended up in the business realm and that’s where I’ve been for the last I don’t know how many years. I’m 52 now, and two weeks before my fiftieth birthday, I’m sitting and watching television and the thought crossed my mind, ‘What would my life be like had I pursued acting as a career path?’ And the Lord quickened in me that it’s never too late. I was like, ‘What? I’m almost 50 years old! That’s a young man’s sport. Naw’ And then once again, He quickened in me that the industry has come to my back door. And at this point in my business career, I own an agency. I’ve owned an advertising agency for 19 years now, and I really haven’t been engaged in the day-to-day operation for maybe about a year in terms of just every day.  So I had time on my hands. And I just began to think, ‘Wow, the industry is at my back door. Production is readily available. And I have time on my hands so why not put myself out there and just see what happens.’

2. So what was your next step?

My business mind kicked in, and I said, ‘Let me put a plan of action together and let’s execute and let’s see what happens.’ Again, it was two weeks prior to my fiftieth birthday. That was my thought process.  Let me at least get started before I turn 50. And this was on a Saturday evening at about 9 p.m. when this thought process began. I’m not really one to let grass grow under my feet so the next morning, I got up and I pulled some photos together. I usually keep my head shots up to date for business purposes so I had a couple of those. The ones that I had were probably two years old. And I had a favorite selfie. I think we all have a favorite selfie. So I armed myself with those three photographs and I got online and started looking up some different casting agencies. I made a list of five extra agencies. I said, ‘Well, let me start there since I have no experience.’ I’m a bootstrapper.  If I can just get my foot in the door, then I can learn from there. I just need to get on somebody’s set so I can see exactly what goes on and figure it all out.

So I made a list of five extra agencies in the Atlanta area and that was on Sunday. And I said, ‘I’m going to send emails on Monday morning.’ Well, on Monday morning, I ended up being busy. I didn’t get a chance to send out all five of my emails. I actually was only able to send out one and then I focused on the business that I had that day. I sent out an e-mail to the agency that was at the top of my list.

The next day, around noon, I get a call. Because in my email what I said was, I’m new to the field. I don’t know what I’m doing; however, I do know what I want to do if given an opportunity. These are some headshots and if nothing else, I would appreciate if someone would give me a call back and give your opinion of my look and whether or not you think that there may be interest – if you think that I have a look that may be of interest to a casting agent.

3. So did you get a response from the only email that you sent?

The young lady that calls said, ‘I am responding to your letter.’ She said it was a very interesting letter. ‘I’ve never received one like that. Typically, we never respond when we receive information from someone that may have submitted their information. We’re either interested or we’re not. If we’re not interested, we don’t call. But I decided to call whether we’re interested or not because you asked me about our opinion. I thought that was interesting so I’m calling you to give you my opinion.’ She said, ‘When I received the email, I saw your photographs, and I thought that you had a great look. I passed your pictures around the office to the other representatives and everyone agreed that you have a great look. If you can act, there’s a great possibility that you can do something in the industry.’ She said, So there you go. If this is what you want to do, I would highly suggest that you do it.’

4. Wow! Did she have anything else to say after she said all of that?

She said, ‘So what is your plan? What’s next for you?’ I said, ‘Well, I was hoping you would tell me what’s next.’ She said, ‘Okay, I would like to have that conversation, but I need to go into a meeting. And if you don’t mind, I will call you later.’ I said, ‘Great, call me later.’ She calls me back at the end of the day about 4:30 that afternoon. She says, ‘Mr. Mitchell, I’ve never experienced this before, but I have a few things I want to talk to you about.’ She says, ‘Remember I had a meeting I had to go into earlier?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘That meeting was with one of our production clients. It was a post-meeting to just discuss final plans for the first episode of their new season. So we’ve already cast our reoccurring staff for their show; however, while in the meeting and going over some last minute details, the owner of the agency said to the production client that I want you to look at a new photograph we received today. I think he has a very interesting look, and I just want your opinion.’ So they put my photo on the table and the production client said, ‘Wow, he’s got a great look. What are your plans for him?’ They said, ‘Well, we really haven’t even had a chance to talk to him in detail yet.’ The client said, ‘Well, if he’s available, we would like to have him.’

So she calls me back and she’s telling me all of this. So I’m like, ‘Is this a reality show? Because I’m not really interested in any foolishness.’ She said, ‘No, it’s a scripted show on Oprah Winfrey’s network. It’s called ‘Greenleaf.’ ‘Greenleaf’ happened to be one of my favorite shows because for many years because I worked in that field for 20-something years as an employee and then when I started my own agency. I was the chief marketing officer for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church many years ago. So of course, I was elated. They asked, ‘Are you available tomorrow?’ ‘And I said, ‘I can clear my schedule for tomorrow. What time do you need me?’ I’m thinking we’re going to have a meeting. Then she said, “Are you available for the next six months?’ And of course, I’m like, ‘What?!” She told me they were interested in having me as part of the reoccurring background which are extras in a reoccurring state. She said, ‘If you’re available, they would like to make you a part of the regular background as one of the church employees. And they will be filming for the next six months and they would like for you to be a regular on the show. ‘ So I was like,’Yeah, absolutely.’

So I actually started on set the very next day. This was in November of 2016. Nov. 12, 2016 was when I had the thought, and I started on ‘Greenleaf’ on Nov. 16. I had the thought on a Saturday and by that Wednesday, I started that morning at 6 a.m. I had no reel, no resume, no nothing. Only two professional headshots and a selfie.

5. So what was your first day on set like?

So Wednesday was my first day on set as a background and then I was there again on Thursday. I was off on Friday. When I walked into the studio on Monday morning, one of the PAs (production assistant) walked up to me and said, ‘Hey, the director wants you to stand in for Keith David today. He is the bishop on the show.’ Now, mind you, this is technically my third day on the show, and I didn’t even know what a stand-in was. But if the director has requested me to stand in, then I’m going to stand in. I just need someone to tell me what I exactly I need to do. I said, ‘As long as somebody tells me what I need to do, fine.’ So they gave me a quick overview as to what a stand-in does. They gave me the script. When you’re in the background, you don’t need a script because you don’t have lines. So they hand me a script and the director says, ‘Thank you for doing this for me. From the very first day you came on set, I took note of you because you and Keith David look a lot alike. So when his stand-in called in sick today, I immediately thought you would be a perfect stand-in for him.’

6. So what does a stand-in do?

In theatre, a stand-in would be called an understudy. And in theatre, the understudy would step in if the main actor cannot perform a particular night. As a stand-in in film and television, obviously, you don’t step in if they can’t be there. But what you do do as a stand-in is that you actually take the actor’s place in all of the technical rehearsals. You partner with the camera operators, the director, the photographer, the first ad which is short for assistant director. But basically, you are there for their purposes.

While the main actors are in hair and makeup for the next scene that we’re going to be shooting, a stand-in is on set and we’re going through full rehearsals of the scene so that the director of photography who is responsible for the cinematic look of the show and lighting can make sure that all of that is right. The principal actors don’t have the time to be out there for that process. A stand-in is typically similar in complexion, very close in height, so there are similarities between the stand-in and the actual actor. The reason for that is because we are there to make sure that the lighting is right for that actor. You’re partnering with the camera operators, and the camera operators are practicing their moves and how we’re actually going to shoot a scene. Your height is important because the cameras are being adjusted to height levels.

So by the time the main actors come back out, the lighting has already been taken care of because we’re about the same complexion. The cameras are set for height because we’ve already done full rehearsals walking through the entire scene. The main actors rehearse first and then we see what they did and then we reenact that. We rehearse a number of times so by the time the main actors come back out from hair and makeup, everyone knows exactly what they’re doing. So that is what a stand-in does.

So every main character has a stand-in? Every individual in a scene has a stand-in so it’s not just the main characters. The main character has consistent individuals that represent them; however, if it’s an actor that may just be coming in for the day, a day player, or one of the reoccurring actors that is not one of the lead actors, then we rotate. For example, if Keith David is not in a scene but Lamman Rucker is in a scene, then I will stand in for Lamman as well. You remember Kevin who was a part of the show, I’ve stood in for Kevin. Once you become a professional stand-in, your complexion, your height and all of that becomes less important, and it’s about knowing exactly what you’re doing. And that’s what happened to me. I’ve been a stand-in for every, at some point or another, man ever associated with the show including Rick Fox. He’s 6’8 so literally, I would stand on a box.

Do you have to memorize the entire script? Yes. But let’s say that Lamman and Keith are in the same scene, then obviously, I can’t stand in for both of them. In that case, they would bring another stand-in in just for that day for Lamman because Keith is my priority.

7. Did you ever imagine that you become the official stand-in for Keith David, Bishop Greenleaf on the show?

When I became a stand-in, when I stood in for Keith on that first day, and that same day, after doing a couple of scenes, it was unfortunate for the young man who called in sick because he lost his spot to me. After standing in for a few episodes, I learned that we’re not expected to learn the lines. However, I didn’t know any better at first so the very first day that they gave me a script, I learned the lines. I didn’t know that I didn’t have to but I was foolish enough to want to be prepared in case I did. I learned the entire script for that scene in about 15 minutes. And so when we did a rehearsal, all of the other stand-ins were reading their scripts. They noticed that I didn’t have a script in my hand. They were extremely impressed by that and that’s part of the reason why they decided to make me Keith’s permanent stand-in.

After doing this for a couple of episodes, I began to realize that this is the best training that I could possibly get because I ended up taking a couple of acting classes after I did a few episodes. But what I discovered in the class is that everything I was being taught, I already knew because I was exposed to the process every day. I was learning every day from the likes of Keith David, from the likes of Lynn Whitfield, the likes of Lamman Rucker and these talented individuals. I was unconsciously studying and learning because I didn’t realize what I was taking in. And the actual instructor himself pulled me to the side after a few classes and asked me, ‘Why are you here? You seem to know this stuff already.’ I took an inventory and now that I knew what the class consisted of, I realized I could save that money. All I had to do was pay very close attention to what was going on on set. The great thing about being a stand-in is that you have access. You have the ability to stand close to the set and learn and hone your craft.

8. So what can you tell me about this upcoming fourth season of “Greenleaf?”

I can’t tell you too many details but it does start on September 3. I can tell you that it’s going to be an amazing ride. I can tell you that it really starts to dig a little deeper into the family history. It’s going to be very enlightening, and it will be an emotional roller-coaster.

I saw Noah Kendall from the first season in the trailer for this season. Yes, Noah is back. Yes, this season is going to be very exciting. I can tell you that. You do not want to miss an episode. I will say that for sure.

9. I know you have had a long career in business and have met all kinds of people, but have you been starstruck on set at all?

No, I haven’t. The only person that obviously moved me most was meeting Oprah who is one of our executive producers. I was excited the first day that I encountered her on set. She was in her trailer for most of the day. So here’s a funny story. We were at lunch, just finishing lunch as a matter of fact and everyone, pretty much, had returned to set to finish a scene. It just so happened that I wasn’t in that scene along with a few other people so we were still casually sitting, just talking. So in comes Oprah and a couple of her team members. And of course I’m like, ‘Wow there she is.’

So lunch is over and catering is already cleaning up. They’re disposing of all of the remaining food. Oprah is looking for food, but they have literally disposed of most of what was left. The caterer was absolutely in shock. All that was left were salads because they had not gotten to the salads. And there wasn’t a whole lot of the salads left either. So when she walked in the door, I looked over at him and his eyes just got big. She’s like, ‘Hey Kenny.’ And he’s like, ‘Hey, Ms. Winfrey. Are you coming to eat lunch?’ And she said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Oh my God. No one told me. When you didn’t come out, I assumed that someone brought you lunch in your trailer.’

And she said, ‘No, we didn’t request lunch in the trailer.’ He said, ‘I am sorry.’ There’s a restaurant not far from the studio that she loves. He said, ‘I will send someone to the restaurant that you love. I know what you like. I can send someone down there and have it for you in 20 minutes.’ She said, ‘No, that’s okay. You don’t have to worry about that. I see you have some salad over here. I will just put something together.’ He said, ‘No, no, no, it’s no problem.’ She’s like, ‘No, Kenny, don’t do that. It’s fine. I will just have some of this salad.’ So she scraped together a meal of salad and whatever toppings were left, and she was just as content with that.

So my first opinion of her was, Wow, she really could have made him jump through hoops to accommodate her but that’s not who she is. So that was my first encounter with her. She is as down-to-earth as you and I are and sweet as she could be.

10. What are your future plans in acting after ‘Greenleaf?’

I plan to work as a principal actor after finishing with ‘Greenleaf.’ And the entrepreneurial spirit within me won’t allow me to just stop at that. I want to do the whole gamut – in front of the camera, behind the camera. I’m actually on the verge of starting a casting company casting extras. My casting company ProCAST USA will launch soon. Follow ProCAST USA @ProCASTUSA on Instagram for news and updates.

My experience has really set me up to want to help others who are trying to get into acting.

Alright Saints, we can hold on till September 3 for the start of Season 4 now, right? If not, read my “Greenleaf” recaps! Here is “Greenleaf Finale Recap, Season 3 Episode 13: The New Life…” And if you want to read recaps of all of Season 3 or Seasons 1-2, just go to the search button on the upper right and search by using the term “Greenleaf Season 2 or Greenleaf Season 3!”

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