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My father introduced me to Christianity Today magazine as a child, and I became an avid reader because of the breadth of topics covered in its pages! That’s why I’m excited about my article being among its pages in the January/February issue of the publication. Check out it below:

A Member of the ‘Little Rock Nine’ Counts Her Blessings, One by One

“First appeared in the January/February issue of Christianity Today”

Melba Beals describes how faith helped her flourish amid many trials.

Melba Pattillo Beals received a Congressional Gold Medal for her part in the Little Rock Nine, the group of African American students who brought about the 1957 integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas—an experience recounted in her first memoir, Warriors Don’t Cry. She would go on to work in newspaper and television journalism, earn a doctorate in international multicultural education, and teach journalism at the college level. In her latest book, I Will Not Fear: My Story of a Lifetime of Building Faith under Fire, Beals credits God for guiding her through trying experiences in Arkansas and afterward. Atlanta-based journalist and blogger Jacqueline J. Holness spoke with Beals about the sustaining power of faith.

From the outset of I Will Not Fear, it’s clear that your grandmother, India Annette Payton, provided a strong spiritual foundation. How did her example encourage you as you endured angry white mobs and disapproval from black students at your old high school?

My grandmother always said, “Look, God is right there with you all the time.” To guide you in your thought, to guide you in your feeling, to guide you away from fearing. You have to be aware that you are filled with the Spirit of the Lord, and that will guide what you do. She would say, “God is as close as your skin. He is right there, every moment. So when you feel that something is going wrong, know that God is with you and it will be okay. You will learn a lesson. You will survive.”

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Retrospect: My Top 10 Posts of 2017…

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To me, it feels like Jan. 1, 2017 was just yesterday! But sometimes, you can’t trust your feelings because a brand New Year begins tomorrow!!! While it is important to usher in the new, it’s equally important to reflect on the old. How do you know what is new if you haven’t defined what is old! Anywho, to that end, before 2017 is history, let me share the top 10 blog posts that brought you to my humble blog 🙂 !

By and large, what brought you here was my Greenleaf recaps! I mean truly my recaps brought in the most page views in the Top 10 category, but to vary the types of post that will appear in this blog post, I’m allowing my Greenleaf recaps to take the top 4 categories and then after that, I will post the remaining six blog posts that captured your attention after the Greenleaf recaps. Capiche?

1. Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 1: A House Divided…

Excerpt: Mac shows up at the same time as the police to gloat in front of the Greenleaf family who are stunned silent except for Gigi aka Grace. Grace follows her uncle as he is about to leave following the police’s announcement that Bishop needs a lawyer and cannot leave town. When she confronts him about his revelation as he is the one who revealed the Bishop’s sin to the police, he replies that he was “forced to pull less holy strings” since Bishop wouldn’t spring him from jail. He then tells her he has more hot secrets where that came from, secrets so hot that he can “walk away with nothing on his back but hot wind.” Yes, hunty…if he’s going down as a sexual offender, he’s burning down the Greenleafs with him!

2. Greenleaf Mid-Season Finale Recap, Season 2 Episode 8: And the Sparks Fly Upward…

Excerpt: Mac the monster calls Grace and tells her, “You should have left it alone, Gigi.” Grace leaves the restaurant and rushes over to Mac’s house. She believes her uncle has done something to =Sophia to retaliate against her although she doesn’t quite know what her uncle is talking about. He calls his niece a female dog and their limbs entangle as they fight. They fall to the floor and Mac lands on top of his niece. With his sweaty, contorted face close to hers, he grabs her throat and squeezes. For the second time, I wonder if the heroine is about to die. But just before the life is squeezed from her, she finds a piece of the broken liquor bottle and sinks the shard into his neck! As the blood gushes from his wound, she screams, “Tell me where she is!” Mac got what was coming to him, but if he is dead, what will happen to Grace?! See why God says, vengeance is mine…

3. Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 6: The Royal Family…

Excerpt: Jacob does some cornering of his own when he confronts Basie about a Bass Reeves who contributes large sums of money to Triumph’s bottom line according to Triumph’s books. He wonders about the identity of the mysterious donor as he is unable to locate a contact for this man, who may be able to contribute to legal fees to fight Calvary. Instead of answering Jacob outright, Basie asks his protégé to watch him play with a deck of cards. He explains how he learned how to play cards on Beale Street before he challenges Jacob to play with him. Basie wins the game with a “royal family.” (I don’t play card games except for Uno and Speed so let me know if this terminology is wrong.) Jacob correctly guesses that Pastor Basie is Bass Reeves. Apparently, Pastor Basie supports his church Triumph with his gambling earnings! I want to be shocked, but I would bet there are plenty of pastors, unfortunately, who support their churches with unscrupulous undertakings…

4. Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 2: Strange Bedfellows…

Excerpt: So Jacob goes door to door handing out bags and mugs with Triumph’s logo on them. One woman calls Jacob out! She says, “Does Bishop know you’re here recruiting?” Then she tells him, “I don’t care if that mug came wrapped in the cloth they wrapped my Lord in when he died. I’m with Calvary!” Let the church say, “Ouch!” LOL…Funniest line of the episode!

5. Tasha Cobbs Is Married Now! (PICS + VIDEO)

Excerpt:  There are very few things I love more than a good wedding! Although I’m not a personal friend of vocal powerhouse and Grammy Award winner Tasha Cobbs who is known for her stirring songs such as “Put a Praise on It” and my favorite “Jesus Saves,” I shared in her wedding bliss via her Facebook and Instagram pages and other social media pages of family and friends. Tasha, who hails from Jesup, Georgia (also the hometown of one of my Delta line sisters) married Franklinton, North Carolina native Kenneth Leonard, Jr., who is the musical director for his now wife, Anthony Hamilton and Tamia Hill.

6. Remembering Annabelle Pomeroy: An Open Letter to First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs Pastor Frank Pomeroy & Sherri Pomeroy…

Excerpt: Now, as the last days of my parents’ ministry at Central Christian Church are being counted down (My father retires at the end of December.), I realize that my small church heritage is the biggest gift he could have ever given me. No material possession could ever match the spiritual riches invested me through the love of this small church. That is why at the head of this blog, I am pictured in the sanctuary of this small church. Everything I’ve become and hope to become can be traced back to what I learned there.  It is my foundation and my springboard. From what I’ve read about Annabelle, she felt the same way.

7. Aspiring Actor Sean Buffington Offers ‘Christian Boyfriend’ Services for Single & Saved Sisters for Thanksgiving!

Excerpt: If the thought of going through that interrogation yet again is enough to make you stay at home for Thanksgiving, check out Sean Buffington’s Instagram ad! It’s not too late to book a boo — provided that he is not already booked up! Chile, he is even willing to quote scripture and speak in tongues!!! And his rates are low! LOL Check it out below!

8. Remembering the Life of My Friend & Soror Sherry “Elle” Richardson… 

Excerpt:  Although I am a committed Christian, I cannot pretend that I have an inkling as to why God chose to call my friend away from this earthly realm. Since her homegoing, as I’ve walked throughout my house or driven somewhere, found myself saying, “Imagine Sherry is no longer here?” As I’ve gotten older, I’ve experienced the passing of friends, family members and church family, but it doesn’t make it easier or predictable. These experiences only emphasize that life is truly a transitory state. We should savor all that this life, though temporal, has to offer, but most importantly, we have to be saved or become a Christian to go to Heaven, which lasts for eternity. So that’s all I have except to say I will miss and love her forever. And I thank God I knew her…Rest well Sherry…Save a seat for me in eternity…

9. TV One’s New Show ‘The Manns’ Featuring David & Tamela Premieres Tonight at 8! (VIDEO)

Excerpt: I’ve got your first look at TV One’s “The Manns!” TV One presents the premiere episode of “The Manns,” a reality docu-series on the hilarious relationship between David and Tamela Mann and their family, TONIGHT ( Tuesday, April 4) at 8 p.m. ET.

10. Why the ‘Good Morning America’ Headline About Meghan Markle and ‘Hope’ for Black Women Wasn’t Offensive To Me…

Excerpt: But this isn’t the first time that black women have been all up in a tizzy and ready to rush ABC News! In fact, the last time I remember this type of backlash was December of 2009. Remember this article from ABC News: “Single, Black, Female — and Plenty of Company?” From the article, you already know what’s up and the worse part about the article was that black women in Atlanta, specifically, were the focus. At the time, I was a single, black female in Atlanta and so weary from looking for love that I really couldn’t collect my thoughts on what I thought was an attack until January.

So that’s it shawty…Kiss 2017 Good-Bye!!! Another year is on the horizon…

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Ebenezer Baptist Church Hosts Post-Election Reconciliation & Accountability Unity Service TONIGHT!

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If you live in Atlanta, you know that the recent mayoral race was a hotly contested one resulting in a razor thin runoff that only wrapped up yesterday with Mary Norwood finally conceding the race despite her belief that  “there were some irregularities with the election,” according to the AJC. Mayor-elect Keisha Lance Bottoms is the mayor, but she cannot lead the city without Norwood and others who care about the city. I would guess that is the reasoning behind Ebenezer Baptist Church hosting a Post-Election Reconciliation & Accountability Unity Service tonight at 7 p.m. According to WAOK, the service will be held in the old versus the new sanctuary. I pray that some of those mayoral candidates and the current Mayor-elect find their way to this service. Going to God and prayer should not be the last resort, it should be the first tactic to tackle a new challenge. Now that the end of the year is here and the next year is unknown, this is a prime opportunity to meet before God. See the flyer above for the details!

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