Was It Wrong for ‘Sunday Best’ Winner Le’Andria Johnson to be Drunk Allegedly on Periscope?

Hello World, periscope

I was scheduled to write a recap of Season 1 Episode 7 of “Born Again Virgin” but after checking my Google Analytics this morning and seeing that my blog post on Le’Andria Johnson got some major hits yesterday, I decided to do a quick Google search on Season 3 “Sunday Best” winner and GRAMMY Award winner Le’Andria Johnson and why she was blowing up yesterday. And this is the result I got – “leandria johnson drunk on periscope.” Well, so I went to a link and this is what has caused the hubbub, according to to the September 8 blog post “Gospel Singer LeAndria Johnson Appears Drunk And A Lil Off On Periscope” on yallknowwhat.com.

No one loves Periscope as much as we do. The newest social media craze has gotten everyone broadcasting 24 hours a day. This is a dream come true for fans of celebrities. On the other hand, it allows the public to see different artists in their element and their comfort zone.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a good thing for some celebs. It proved to be a disaster for gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson last night. Thousands of viewers witnessed the Season 3 Sunday Best winner ranting for 10 minutes about different things. She admitted to drinking Patron during her Periscope video, she cursed a few times, and she was blasting secular music (Drunk In Love) in the background.

The video of Le’Andria Johnson on Periscope has seen been removed but the damage has been done. Whoa!!! I have lots of thoughts about this. First thought, Le’Andria Johnson has never claimed to be a saint. She is a Christian saint but not a saint by the most widely accepted definition. In my interview with her, the preacher’s daughter admitted she has been divorced twice and was pregnant as a single mother while recording her third album under “Le’Andria Johnson, The Experience.” And she even started Imperfect People Changing Ministries during that time period. As a preacher’s daughter myself and an imperfect one at that, I have real empathy for her and her story. While I’m not a two-time divorcée or have given birth to children out of wedlock, I’ve indulged in my fair share of sin. And there is a lot of pressure to be perfect as a pastor’s daughter that other Christians don’t understand. And Le’Andria Johnson spoke about that in my interview of her.

leandriaAs a pastor’s daughter, did you ever resent the requirements of ministry on you parents?

Heck yeah! Yes, I did, because I was taught God, God, God, God, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. There ain’t anything wrong with that but I never understood life because we were always in some Bible meeting. We were always in some revival. We were always in some shut in…Being in church all of my life crippled me. That’s how the whole issue with men that I was dealing with came to be…I couldn’t wait to put on a pair of booty shorts. I couldn’t wait to put on a pair of hoop earrings, red lipstick, eyelashes…I couldn’t wait to get tattoos… I couldn’t wait to smoke, couldn’t wait to drink, couldn’t wait to have sex…But by me doing those things, I had to go through my own personal issues and in that I found God to be who they didn’t teach me He was. I was taught that God is a ‘reprimander’ and that He was jealous. I was taught that God was going to punish you for this. It was negative…But I found out He was the sweetest. He is the sweetest man I’ve ever known…I had to find all of that stuff out after I did the sin…

All that being said, if Le’Andria Johnson was allegedly drunk on Periscope, blasting “Drunk in Love” in the background while cursing, is that wrong? Well, first of all, it’s funny to death…C’mon man, you know it is…Secondly, it was bad judgment. I don’t think anyone wants to see their favorite gospel singer turnt in real time with Beyoncé in the background…But here’s the thing…What if she likes to drink Patron, listen to Beyoncé and curse in the privacy of her own home  but did not broadcast it for the masses to see? Would that make her any less of a sinner – according to some people’s assessment? Would it disqualify her to be a gospel singer and minister? Before I answer these questions, there are two verses that should be referenced here…

Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly. James 3:1

So if what I eat causes another believer to sin, I will never eat meat again as long as I live–for I don’t want to cause another believer to stumble.
 1 Corinthians 8:13

I have never wanted to be a pastor because of that first verse. Pastors do get held to a higher standard. It’s a part of the job description. Le’Andria Johnson does not profess to be a pastor but she does have a platform as a gospel singer and minister so that verse could be applied to her situation too. But let me not be a hypocrite, I remember after my book came out, my father had a discussion with me about how I conducted myself in public. Basically, he told me that people would be watching me. And that is true. I remember I went to restaurant/club to a birthday party for a friend, and I was dancing with my husband and I felt someone looking at me. I came of age during the Booty Shake music era so when I dance, I’m not doing a two-step…And I remember on another occasion, I went to a restaurant with some friends who all ordered drinks, and I declined – not because I didn’t want one or think it’s wrong to have a drink but because of how it would look. I hate that. I truly do because I’m just a regular ole girl tryin’ to get this thang right with God at the end of the day…

But according to the second verse, it’s not about me – particularly in public. As a Christian, your main job is tell others about Christ. period. the end. And even if you like to get turnt in your house, if doing that in public will cause even one person to think you (the Christian) is crazy and that Christ may not be all that because of you, then you have to check yourself. I hate that too. I do. But it’s true.

So back to to the questions that I asked. We are all sinners saved by the grace of God, but the fact of the matter is that none of us, not even preachers and teachers, will be without sin until we get to Heaven. However, that being said, that is not an excuse to act like we don’t know what the Bible says because will will never get it right. In fact, that means that we have to depend on the Holy Spirit even more to do what is right…And the Holy Spirit will convict you of what is wrong and what is right and help you do the right thing according to YOUR personal relationship with God…For example, according to my own personal relationship with God,  I don’t have to listen to gospel music all day long…I love gospel music, but I’d die and have to go to Heaven right now if I had to listen to gospel music all day every day…And if you see me out and about acting “non Christianly,” try not judge me. God is not through with me yet, and I’m still working out my salvation fa sho…And trust that my personal relationship with God is the best thang that eva happened to me!!!

Finally, that’s why y’all need to stay off Periscope….

Any thoughts?

P.S. I hope to have my “Born Again” recap up by tomorrow…




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9 thoughts on “Was It Wrong for ‘Sunday Best’ Winner Le’Andria Johnson to be Drunk Allegedly on Periscope?

  1. We have not been called to be raw and revealing. We have been called to be light and salt. We must demonstrate the grace and righteousness of God. Of course we sin. But our call is not to celebrate our sinfulness. This is what my dear sister (Pastor of IPC Ministries) has done. She broadcasted her brokenness. And with full knowledge of the darkness she was reveling in, she “turned it up!”

    The world is confused enough about what it means to be a Christian. Telling them it means it’s okay to be a reveling, foul-mouthed drunkard is not a particularly helpful “clarification”.

    • I don’t have a problem with raw and revealing, but I do believe in discretion…I do hope in the days since this Periscope broadcast, Le’Andria Johnson has sought God’s guidance and the wisdom of some Godly counsel…

  2. I don’t care what nobody say about u ,u started from the bottom now u here I love u so much I’m almost there where I need to be I just won’t to say thank u for that song Jesus ,lord I sleep with that song going to sleep.

  3. I think there’s a difference between the liberty and freedom we have in Christ and standard practices.

    I don’t know her but if I had a friend who consistently “struggled” and seemed more in the world than out, I would talk with them about where they are.

    In our “don’t judge me” culture, we’ve forgotten that brothers and sisters are supposed to look out for one another and keep each other moving forward.

    Not knowing her, I have to wonder if she’s a Christian by faith or by name. The Holy Spirit will bear fruit. But that’s something that impossible to know without knowing a person.

    I pray that she has a community who are willing to address and correct and support her in a Godly way.

    • U should always care what people think because that’s how she gets paid so she can have the life style she has. Without people support there’s no record sales endorsements or engagements. Any mature person would know that. Byounce would never say anything that ignorant. Who wants a person with a bad reputation preaching or singing to the saints. Go in the world an sing secular if u want to get high an the latest is being naked on periscope. She is bold with her mess just shaking her fist in Gods face an folk that won’t speak truth don’t love her they like being entertained by her foolishness. She needs an intervention

  4. “Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.”matt 13:30..it the word of the lord I’m not god or his so I don’t cast judgment because I’m not with sin I don’t own a heaven or hell to put no soul in I would say I wouldn’t allow this lady or the dude who dad is gay and a preacher to lead my soul nowhere don’t use the lord name in vain to get rich and fame his word say he married to the back slider repentance is key to ones salvation he prefer you be hot or cold not lukelukewarm i do think if your going to use this role you should lead by example certain things shouldbt be done or seen to your followers how can you pass out cigarettes condoms all that but say it wrong to have sex before marriege you shouldnt drink or curse you not the same standard as your followers because your the teacher like as parents we shouldnt do certain things in front of our kids yet expect them to do different in their life 9 times outta 10 they go do what you have shown them..he also say the enemy walks among us in john 10:27 my sheep hear my voice and I know them they will follow me…it well in her rights to claim she saving souls but a true follower of the lord will never follow this stranger for they know it not of their god work and doing but of the enemy himself to lead us astray

  5. Le’Adrea Johnson belongs to the Good Lord!
    I do not know how I clicked on this site,but I do know it had to be appointed by God!! I have been praying for Le’Andrea and Fantasia, both are God’s best!!! I will be obedient to God and keep them both in prayer. I pray God’s will for their life;for God will work it all out for them and He is keeping them and will set them free. I believe God!!! Hold on little sisters and be of good courage and He will strengthen thine hearts!!!
    Sis. Marion