In Time For Father’s Day, Christian Comedian Michael Jr. Stars in ‘SELFIE DAD’ to Debut Friday, June 19!

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SELFIE DAD is a Father’s Day-timed inspirational family film, originally planned to be in movie theaters, now coming to premium Video on Demand.

Parenting is no joke! SELFIE DAD is a light-hearted family film about one dad shaking off a mid-life crisis and reconnecting with his family . . . with his Bible in one hand and his phone in the other. Below is the synopsis:

Spiraling into a mid-life crisis and feeling disconnected from his family, Ben Marcus, a reality-TV editor, thinks he can only be happy by fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional comedian. Ben posts his stand-up routines to YouTube, and the videos fall flat. Then his tweener son posts Ben miserably failing on a home improvement project, and much to his teenage daughter’s dismay, it goes viral, launching Ben’s social-media career as Selfie Dad. Although he quickly becomes an award-winning phenom, no amount of success brings Ben satisfaction. Through his friendship with a young coworker, Mickey, Ben finds the secret to a happy family . . . with his Bible in one hand, and his phone in the other. 

And here is the trailer:

SELFIE DAD debuts on premium Video on Demand on Friday, June 19, 2020, and on digital platforms everywhere.

The film stars nationally known Christian comedian Michael Jr., who for two decades has performed over a hundred dates a year for tens of thousands of people. The film also features top-selling female Christian comedian Chonda Pierce along with James Denton, Jamie Grace and Karen Abercrombie (WAR ROOM).

“What better time than Father’s Day for your whole family to enjoy a fun and uplifting story of a dad disconnecting and reconnecting with his family . . . because he reconnected with what matters most,” Michael Jr. said.

Also, sign up HERE for a chance to watch SELFIE DAD for FREE on Father‘s Day. Five random participants will be selected Friday, June 19th!

SELFIE DAD is produced by Kappa Studios and distributed by GVN Releasing. The film retails for $19.99 on the various premium VOD platforms.

Written and directed by Brad Silverman, SELFIE DAD is from Executive Producer Geno Taylor, Producer Paul L. Long and Co-Producer Patrick G. Ingram.

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Pastor Jamal Bryant Delivers Benediction at George Floyd’s Minneapolis Memorial Service, Refers to Jesus as a Black Man Killed by the Government…

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Again, as I have written in previous posts, I claimed that 2020 was going to be the year of perfect vision but what I’m seeing now is not what I thought I would see…

It seems to me that because the world was shut down prior to the death of George Floyd, it gave everyone the world over the time and space to truly focus on the atrocity that was the murder by cop of George Floyd. That span of 8 minutes and 46 seconds in which it took for Floyd’s life to be taken from him has provided the perspective that the world needed to realize that racism and injustice have not been eradicated despite gains that have been made. As a result, a fresh boldness in the public discourse regarding racism and injustice is evident throughout the world.

That fresh boldness was also on display at the first of three homegoing services for Floyd on last Thursday in North Central University’s sanctuary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Pastor Jamal Bryant closed his thoughtful homegoing benediction ” in the name of an innocent black man by the name of Jesus who was killed by a government and still rose again.”

Now, there has been debate about the exact hue of Jesus but all would have to agree that He would, at least, be a man of color given the region in which He was born and His heritage. And He was undoubtedly murdered by the government. See the full benediction below.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has made it plain what she thinks about black lives as the words “Black Lives Matter” were painted in bright yellow on the portion of 16th Street NW in front of the White House! Additionally, that portion of the street is named Black Lives Matter Plaza. Now, that’s a boss move if I ever saw one!!!

Here is what she said to say in an interview about this mural on ABC’s ‘s “This Week.”

“We certainly are very proud of the D.C. mural that we commissioned in our Department of Public Works and local artists installed. It is an affirmative piece of art, centering piece of art, where people from around the globe have called us and thanked us for acknowledging Black humanity and Black lives in the most important city in the world. And we are very proud of that art.”

The full interview is below.

And these bold proclamations are starting to make a difference…I don’t know if it was the comparison of the Minneapolis police officer’s knee on Floyd’s neck and Colin Kaepernick lowering his knee at various football games to protest police brutality or all of the recent declarations that black lives do matter, but even NFL Roger Goodell seems to be shifting his stance on kneeling protests.

Here is what he said on the NFL’s Twitter Account below.

As Sam Cooke sang, I’m starting to believe that “a change is gonna come.” Changes have occurred. Those cannot be denied. But as recent events have shown, there is more work to do…

What say you?

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Yvonne Orji of ‘Insecure’ To Release Her First HBO Comedy Special’ Momma, I Made It’ on Saturday, June 6!

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Insecure‘s Yvonne Orji gets a packed Howard Theatre rolling with laughter as she brings her razor-sharp wit and confidence to the stage in her first HBO comedy special Momma, I Made It. Both celebrating and poking fun at her strict, formative Nigerian-American upbringing, Yvonne speaks to her unique journey from pre-med to comedy.

Below is the HIGHlarious trailer!

The comedy special will be available on HBO Go and and HBO Now on Saturday, June 6 at 7 p.m. and at 10 p.m. on HBO.

Additionally, the comedy special will be on HBO according to the schedule below:

  • Sun, Jun 07 10:50 am PT HBO COMEDY
  • Sun, Jun 07 1:40 pm PT HBO COMEDY
  • Sun, Jun 07 4:40 pm PT HBO COMEDY
  • Sun, Jun 07 7:50 pm PT HBO COMEDY
  • Tue, Jun 09 3:40 am PT HBO2
  • Tue, Jun 09 9:00 pm PT HBO2
  • Sun, Jun 14 11:30 am PT HBO2
  • Tue, Jun 16 11:05 pm PT HBO2
  • Fri, Jun 19 6:50 pm PT HBO2
  • Sun, Jun 21 7:15 am PT HBO2
  • Thu, Jun 25 9:40 pm PT HBO2

And as you may or may not know, I had the pleasure of interview Yvonne before! Check out that interview HERE.

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