David & Tamela Mann, Kim Fields, Towanda Braxton & More Star in TV One’s Christmas movie ‘Merry Wish-mas!’

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Happy FriYAY! I know it’s a looong way from Christmas (and I’m ready to be done with cold weather), but I’ve found it’s always great when we can look forward to something in the future. So keep reading for something we can look forward to at Christmas time…

TV One has announced that production is underway in Atlanta for the new original holiday movie, MERRY WISH-MAS. This Christmas movie stars Tamela Mann (The Manns) as Keneisha ‘Kenni’ Wright, a single and successful Atlanta businesswoman who hasn’t returned home for the holidays in years, she plays opposite her creative and life partner, husband David Mann(The Manns) as Jessie Jenkins, an old high school friend. The two reunite at Jessie’s fledgling wellness facility, the Beverly Living Center, where Kenni is reminded of the transformational power of love, hope and faith, amplified by the spirit of the holidays. The Manns also serve as executive producers on the project, which will premiere this winter on TV One.

Directed by award-winning actress, director and producer Terri J. Vaughn, this feel-good romantic comedy revolves around Kenni, who has avoided the annual holiday trip to her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina for years. While she is hoping for the best, as with any family, there are unresolved issues lingering that could make the holiday not so bright. The movie also stars veteran actress Kim Fields(Living Single) as Celine, a regular at the center who loves seeing the new smile Kenni puts on Jessie’s face, but is protective about his feelings. Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values) plays the role of Natalie, the persistent local woman who has a crush on Jessie. Elizabeth Omilami (Madea’s Family Reunion) appears as Kenni’s matchmaker mom Regina, while Chrystale Wilson (The Player’s Club) steps into the role of Kenni’s sister and food truck entrepreneur Dionne, adding a high dose of sibling rivalry. Rap artist Yung Joc, best known for popular singles “It’s Goin’ Down” and “I Know You See It,” makes a cameo appearance.

I love a small church. This church had beautiful stained glass windows, but unfortunately, I didn’t quite capture them in this photo…But you can get a feel for the sanctuary though…

I got a chance to visit one of the set locations, a lovely, small stone church where the finale is being filmed, and interview Roger Bobb, whose company Bobbcat Films is executive producing the movie; Terri Vaughn and her Nina Holiday Entertainment partner Cas Sigers-Beedles, who wrote the film. In addition, I was also able to speak to Elizabeth Omilami  (the daughter of Hosea Williams from Hosea Feed the Hungry) and Chrystale Wilson.

Below are a few notable quotes:

On David & Tamela Mann:

Roger Bobb: I’ve known David and Tamela for ages. I love them as entertainers and as a family. The world will never have enough of David and Tamela.

Terri J. Vaughn: Everyone is used to Tamela being an anointed pillar of strength, but in this movie, the character that she is playing is a bit snooty. She thinks that she created a life that is better than what she experienced in her hometown. So you will see her in not the best light. David usually plays the comedic role, but he’s the straight man in this movie. He’s a strong, spiritual pillar.

On Favorite Scenes:

Terri Vaughn: One of my favorite scenes is a heated discussion between Tamela, her sister and her mom played by Elizabeth Omilami. Another one juicy scene happens between David and Tamela in a junkyard. They have a romantic moment in the middle of junk.

Roger Bobb: I can’t give it away but the finale of this film is amazing!

On Messages in ‘Merry Wish-Mas’:

Elizabeth Omilami: Forgiveness. Life is too short to not forgive. Even if you were right, go back and apologize.

Chrystale Wilson: We don’t respect the elderly like other cultures do.  The movie also touches on sibling rivalry and jealousy.

On Nina Holiday Entertainment:

Terri J. Vaughn: This is a divine working relationship and friendship. We’ve been through divorce, remarrying and kids. Cas is super talented, super creative and super smart. She is literally the person I talk to every day.

Cas Sigers-Beedles: (With laughter) We’re work wives! This is the first Christmas film I’ve written. I wanted to tell a story about a woman who is somewhat like me. She is career-driven but afraid of love but she wants to love.

Elizabeth Omilami: When you laugh out loud, you know you have yourself a good writer. My husband was like, ‘What are you reading?’ When you have a great script and the lines are poppin’, you want to do the work.

I filmed a brief video of Terri Vaughn and Cas Sigers-Beedles as they discussed their partnership. (Obviously, I have more to learn in this medium.) After The Altar Call was one of several media outlets invited to the set….

“Heartwarming stories like Merry Wish-Mas that bring families together and make us laugh are as much a part of the season as Christmas trees and Santa himself,” said Vaughn, who makes her TV One original film directorial debut. “And this movie, touching upon family conflicts, singlehood and love, money woes, and wishing for Christmas miracles, is set to become a highlight of the coming holidays.”

So are you looking forward to this new Christmas movie starring David and Tamela Mann?

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Aspiring Actor Sean Buffington Offers ‘Christian Boyfriend’ Services for Single & Saved Sisters for Thanksgiving!

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It’s Thanksgiving Eve! And tomorrow, you will be surrounded by your family and food. Despite all of the revelry and reunion, if you are a single lady in particular, somebody from your grandmother to your play cousin is going to ask you what’s going in the man department. You can hear it now:

THEM: So Mariah, congratulations on that promotion! You big ballin’ now. And sorry, I couldn’t make it to your housewarming party because I had to work, but you know my gift card is in the mail. But what’s going in the  man department? When you gon bring someone home for Thanksgiving?

YOU: (Insert eye roll) (Insert inner dialogue: Isn’t being competent at work and being able to buy own home enough to not get me interrogated about my man status ever year without fail?) I have a friend, but it’s not serious.

THEM: Well, time waits for no one. You better get on it! I’ve been praying for you. One day, God is going to bless you with a husband…

If the thought of going through that interrogation yet again is enough to make you stay at home for Thanksgiving, check out Sean Buffington’s Instagram ad! It’s not too late to book a boo — provided that he is not already booked up! Chile, he is even willing to quote scripture and speak in tongues!!! And his rates are low! LOL Check it out below!

Book me today! 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ #NotAnotherLonelyHoliday

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Obviously, this is a joke, but since I’ve only been married for four years, I remember conversations such as the one above…It wasn’t always pretty.

That’s all I got…

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Any thoughts?

‘The Preachers’ Pastor Orrick Quick Loses Home in Fire, Requests Assistance…


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This disaster would be a difficult any time of the year, but I know losing a home in a fire must be particularly difficult at Christmas…

Smith & Smith Media Group, the management company for Pastor Orrick Quick of “The Preachers,”is reporting the home or parsonage of Pastor Quick was consumed by fire last week. Quick is the pastor and founder of God Seekers Church, established in November 2012 and headquartered at 1208 South Main St. High Point, North Carolina. He and his wife of 7 years, First Lady Ashley T. Quick, are co-laborers in their ministry along with their beautiful daughters, Victoria Madison Quick and Kennedy Brielle Quick.

Pastor Quick has a tremendous passion for outreach ministry within the city of High Point and the surrounding areas. The outreach ministry enables him to witness to numerous drug dealers, the homeless, and individuals that have been incarcerated. He deeply desires for every individual to realize their God given potential so that it will fuel their purpose.

In keeping with its heart and passion for humanity, Smith & Smith Media Group’s goal is to aid families, individuals, and communities in need domestically and internationally. Join Smith & Smith Media Group at orrickquickministries.com to provide donations and assistance. Also, you can contact Smith & Smith Media Group at 888.384.4555 or email at info@smithandsmithmg.com for more information.

Satan tried to take my home but he did not take my hope! God is still in control!

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