‘Sherri,’ Sherri Shepherd’s New Talk Show, Has Been Renewed for TWO More Seasons!

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My favorite Christian celebrity, Sherri Shepherd, who graciously allowed me to interview her for my first book, has a reason to celebrate in the new year! Her eponymous talk show “Sherri” has been renewed for TWO more seasons! In her excitement, Sherri told her audience members, “…Jawn [the show’s executive producer], we’ve been through a lot in this journey, in what we wanted to do and accomplish. And the fact that it is happening and the fact that, I just have to say, for those of you, I get emotional, for those of you who feel like nobody is seeing me, nobody is hearing me, but I have so much to give and you feel like it may be too late because you have so much to give, God has not forgotten you. He has not forgotten about you.”

I receive that inspirational message Sherri!

Additionally, Sherri detailed what Oprah said to her when she called to congratulate her! See for yourself below!


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And here is an excerpt for PEOPLE magazine’s story about the show renewal…

Shepherd added, “I am so appreciative that Fox and Debmar-Mercury have partnered with me to continue bringing more laughter, joy and inspiration to my audience.”

“We initially sold Sherri for one year based on our strong belief that this extraordinarily talented host would be successful and her show would become a long-term talk franchise,” Debmar-Mercury Co-Presidents Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus said. “Our thanks go to our good friends and longtime partners at FOX, who shared in our enthusiasm and have renewed their faith in Sherri with this long-term commitment.”

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Congratulations to Sherri!!! I believe this is Sherri’s season to reap what she has sown. Legendary journalist Barbara Walters (RIP) truly laid the foundation for Sherri and for others to shine…

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Pastor Wayne Chaney of Preachers of L.A. Announces Divorce From Myesha Chaney On Social Media…

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What is happening on the West Coast with cute and Christian celebrity couples?! Back in December, DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good announced on social media that their nine-year marriage was coming to an end and now, Pastor Wayne Chaney, who leads Antioch Church of Long Beach, has announced in an Open Letter on social media that he and his wife are getting divorced after nearly 17 years of marriage?! The announcement included five parts…I will post the entire announcement with some snippets below…

*Neither of us ever imagined, when we stood before one another, God and witnesses, in our early twenties, that our union would not endure a lifetime. Sadly, however, after nearly two decades together, Myesha and I mutually agree our time journeying together as husband and wife has come to a loving but necessary conclusion…

*It was not infidelity, abuse, or any gross immoral act that brought us to this point. Rather, we have simply evolved into expressly different people than we were in our early twenties when we eagerly clung to one another and set out to make a life for ourselves…

*While sharing this news with the church, Body of Christ and all who have been inspired by our marriage and ministry is difficult; it pales in comparison to the crushing pain of not being able to reconcile or fix the reality of my children’s deepest longing…

All heartbreaking, right? If you’re not familiar with Pastor Wayne Chaney, back in 2013, he along with several other pastors such as Bishop Noel Jones and Pastor Dietrick Haddon were featured on a reality show entitled “Preachers of L.A.” Click on this LINK to read one of my posts about the show. And I interviewed Myesha Chaney when she released her book “Hiding Behind the Lipstick.” Click on this LINK for that interview. I wonder why she didn’t include the divorce announcement on her page if it was a mutual decision. Additionally, what she did post is kind of mysterious. See her post below…

And on her IG page, just last month, she posted this…


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Finally, this post seems bittersweet…

I don’t want to question their judgment but if their pending divorce was not caused by any “infidelity, abuse, or any gross immoral act,” then what could possibly warrant breaking up after all that they have built together? But I guess that’s not for me to know…

I said this before, and I will say it again, barring “infidelity, abuse, or any gross immoral act,” I would have to be unhappy for a looong time before I consent to a divorce…but y’all, I cannot help but think the pandemic contributed even in a miniscule way…Of course I cannot say how, but I just believe I’m right…I truly think we will be experiencing the ravages of the pandemic for years to come…I’m referring to more than our health…

Let’s pray for the Chaneys…maybe they will find a way to come back together…All things are still possible with God…

UPDATE: Unfortunately, there have been more developments in this story…Click HERE to learn more…

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Yolanda Adams & Serayah Star in ‘KINGDOM BUSINESS’ on BET+, Available May 19!

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New Show Alert!

The Kingdom comes first, but at what cost? Executive produced by DeVon Franklin, Holly Carter, and Kirk Franklin,  KINGDOM BUSINESS premieres 5/19, only on BET+!

About KINGDOM BUSINESS: Denita Jordan is the Queen of Gospel Music at First Kingdom Church and Kingdom Records in Atlanta. A superstar whose music has been heard around the world, she is determined to guard her family and its many secrets at all costs. Her husband Calvin Jordan may be the Bishop at First Kingdom, but Denita is the true leader, and she has little tolerance for insurrection among her family and employees (and ex-employees). Suddenly, there is a new powerhouse performer on the Atlanta gospel scene — a young pole dancer, Rbel, whose talent and pedigree may bring her closer to God and gold than she ever imagined.

KINGDOM BUSINESS also touts a stellar lineup of talented recurring guests stars, including Tamar Braxton as “Sasha”, La’Miya Good as “Essence,” Aspen Kennedy as “Zyan,” Kiandra Richardson as “C.J. Jordan-Walker,” Kajuana Shuford Marie as “Dani” and Sam Malone as “Dex.”

Check out the trailer below!


Creators: John J. Sakmar & Kerry Lenhart

Produced by: DAE Light Media, Relevé Entertainment, Franklin Entertainment and

FoYo Soul Entertainment

Executive Producers: DeVon Franklin, Holly Carter, Kirk Franklin, Michael Van

Dyck, Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar and Keesha Brickhouse

Showrunners: Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar

Co-Executive Producers: Ruth Ferrera & Deb Evans

Directors: Oz Scott, Mary Lou Belli, Shea William Vanderpoort, Chris Erskin

Writers: John J. Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart, Ruth Ferrera, Jasmine Swift, Shani Am.

Moore, Corey Moore

Series Music By: Warryn Campbell

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