Pastor Places ‘The Curse of God’ on People Who ‘Stole’ the Election from Trump During Sunday Service…

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As we all know, there will be some who will be rejoicing on Inauguration Day while others will be revolted. Pastor Bob Rodgers of the Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, Kentucky will be among the latter group. He actually placed “the curse of God” on people he believes “stole” the election from President Trump during a Sunday church service! See the video below.


According to The Christian Post, several pastors have voiced their opposition to Pastor Rodgers. See an excerpt of the article “Pastor Condemned for Cursing Those Who ‘Stole’ Election from Trump During Service” by Leonardo Blair below.

Several pastors have spoken out against a Kentucky megachurch pastor who during a worship service Sunday cursed those who “stole” the 2020 election from President Donald Trump in the name of Jesus.

“Father, those that have lied, those that have stolen this election, those that have cheated, I place the curse of God upon them,” Rev. Bob Rodgers of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, which claims 9,000 members, said in a video clip from the service shared online.

“I curse you with weakness in your body. I curse you with poverty. I cursed you with the worst year you’ve ever had in the name of the Lord.” See the rest HERE.

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Prophet Jeremiah Johnson Receives Death Threats After Recanting Prophecy that Trump Would Win a Second Term

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I’ve always been fascinated with biblical prophecy, and I would love to learn more. It has to take a lot of courage to prophesy and even more courage to admit when your prophecy is wrong. Such was the case for Prophet Jeremiah Johnson, whom I’ve never heard of before recently…

Below is an excerpt of his original prophecy as well as his apology for being wrong…

In December of 2019, I was seeking the Lord concerning the 2020 elections. I was given a prophetic dream that allows me to answer the above question in part. In the dream, Donald Trump was running the Boston Marathon. The crowds gathered along the path of the race were not there to support him but to mock and jeer at him. Many spat at him, and without security present, I am convinced they would have physically harmed him. As the President drew within one hundred yards of the finish line, he stumbled and fell. Completely exhausted and having heart issues, he could not get up from the ground.
“The crowd went wild; their applause was ear-piercing. I watched with mounting sorrow and despair, but suddenly hope filled my heart. Out of the crowd, two older women, one with a cane and one with a walker, somehow slipped through security and came to the President’s aid. From a physical standpoint, I thought to myself in the dream, ‘How could these two old ladies with their cane and walker even pick up an exhausted Donald Trump, let alone take him to the finish line?’
“In the natural, it was impossible. But as I looked closely, something like a rushing wind fell upon these two old women and they supernaturally picked the President off the ground and helped him across the finish line. Mike Pence, Franklin Graham, Donald Trump Jr., and his family were there to comfort him. He had finished the race, but he could not have done so without the supernatural intervention of two old women. Read the entire prophecy and apology HERE.
Now below is what has happened since his apology…

Over the last 72 hours, I have received multiple death threats and thousands upon thousands of emails from Christians…

Posted by Jeremiah Johnson on Sunday, January 10, 2021

Posted by Jeremiah Johnson on Sunday, January 10, 2021

As I told you before, I’ve never heard of him before recently, but you can find out more about him HERE.

Anyway, that’s wild, right?

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Georgia Senate Candidate Pastor Raphael Warnock & His Church Elders Receive Death Threats According to Radio Personality Darlene McCoy

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I should be surprised by this news, but nothing in politics surprises me anymore. But this news does sadden me. No one should receive death threats just because he or she is a political candidate, but to threaten the elders of a church is pure evil. Surely the devil and his agents are at work. See the Facebook post of Praise 102.5 Radio Personality Darlene McCoy below…

Pastor Warnock and the elders and leaders of his church are receiving death THREATS to their family JUST because He is…

Posted by Darlene Johnson McCoy on Thursday, December 10, 2020


Let’s pray for the safety of Pastor Warnock and the elders and leaders of Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Even if you don’t agree with him politically, you should not want him, the elders of his church nor anyone for that matter harmed for political pursuits.

In other news, black ministers recently sent an open letter to Pastor Warnock to challenge him on his recent statements on abortion, according to the AJC.

Below are a few of the highlights:

*Dear Reverend Warnock,

We are a coalition of Black Christian ministers who, like you, feel called by God to preach the Bible, advocate for justice and fight against societal evils. We applaud your commendable efforts to share Christ while pursuing political solutions to our most pressing problems today.

But precisely because we share so much in common with you, we feel compelled to confront your most recent statements concerning abortion. You have gone on the record saying that you are a “pro-choice pastor” who will “always fight for reproductive justice.” You have publicly expressed your views that abortion is an exercise of “human agency and freedom” that is fully consistent with your role as a shepherd of God’s people.

*Abortion prematurely thwarts God’s providential and loving plan for a promising human life. And by terminating an innocent unborn life in the womb, abortion directly violates the seventh commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” God demands that every faithful Christian protect and uphold the sanctity of innocent human life, at every stage of life. Supporting abortion represents a serious abdication of and a transgression against that responsibility, just like the disrespect of the poor, the disabled, or the elderly.

Couching abortion in the language of “reproductive justice” may be savvy marketing, but killing an innocent human life has nothing to do either with reproduction or with justice. Do American adults really need another public voice urging them to put their own short-term desires ahead of the needs of their children? As a pastor who speaks for the Christian community, we implore you to speak the plain truth about a practice as barbaric and destructive as abortion.

To read the entire article, click HERE.

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